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Travel Man's Watch #1: The Mystery of Chupacabra in Puetro Rico and Texas

Updated on June 19, 2013

It's here in the Philippines, too!

Chupacabra comes from two Spanish word of chupar (to suck) or chupa (in double-meaning lingo) and cabra or goat.

The sightings of an unknown specie of animal that sucks the blood of its prey became the talk of many residents of the island-country of Puerto Rico.

As a seafarer, I’ve been to the port of San Juan two times and many locals imparted us with the mysticism that clouded the existence of a dog-like animal who consumed most of the livestock in one community, near the El Yunque tropical rainforest with an area of 28,000 acres.

Chicken, family pets and other livestock were not spared from the hunger of the wild beast.

It is also being sighted here in the Philippines, a chupacabra version of an aloft, wild animal that resembles a dog hovering the mountains of Sierra Madre, from Bicol to the Central Luzon.

Chupacabra (Photo Credit:
Chupacabra (Photo Credit:

About chupacabra: freedomtou quips:

"The mythical chupacabra has to be a physical being if it is going to perform physical acts such as sucking blood and mutilations. I put this video together to clarify that this animal is no longer a mystery."

Chupacabra Mystery Finally Revealed c/o freedomtou

Why Chupacabra exists

Puerto Rico is the country where the station of SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) is located. A lot of UFO activities were sighted and recorded during the late 80s and the 90s. There’s a story hovering aroundhat El Yungue was the area where monkeys from Pakistan were brought by local scientist for study.

It was attested by the Felipe Cano,forest biologist of the country that a different kind of wildlife exists in the deepest part of the said rain forest. Until the unprecedented attacks that wasted the lives of domesticated animals in the area, the rumors on the existence of aliens in the area became an urban legend among Puerto Ricans.

In Southern Texas, similar attacks were also recorded. Some residents also reported to Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard about the dog-like animal that’s been sideswiped on the road.

There are theories about the appearance of chupacabra that was caught on camera by some slocal residents during night time.

1. It was some sort of alien creature.

2. It’s a crossbred between a dog and a coyote; it’s not a dog and not a coyote, either.

The recorded video on August 8, 2008 showed a dog-like animal at the open field of Southern Texas. The following procedure were conducted by Gerhard and his team in order to track down the chupacabra.

· The team detected some droppings and tracks on the suspected site.

· A tranquilizer guy prepared the gun and injection in order to sedate a target animal and bring it to the nearest facility for study.

Anthropologist, Dr. Eileen Johnson compared the cadaver of the suspected chupacabra . DNA test has been conducted.

According to Dr. Johnson it’s not one-hundred percent coyote. It’s a hybrid animal – part Mexican grey wolf and part coyote. But the lack of hair is the big question on this mysterious chupacabra.

Texas chupacabra can be attributed to the crossmating of red wolves and coyotes. But comparing it to ordinary dogs, its snout is longer and the mandibles are different.

Gene mutation can change the morphology of the specie. Chupacabra is the proof of such scientific event.

(Based from the featured documentary on The Mystery of Chupacabra at National Geographic Channel dated: September 1, 2012)

Sightings of Chupacabra

show route and directions
A markerSouthern Texas -
Southern, Midland, TX 79701, USA
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Chupacabra is usually seen at Southern Texas.

B markerEl Yungue, Puerto Rico -
El Yunque, El Yunque National Forest, Río Grande 00745, Puerto Rico
get directions

El Yunque National Park is a vast tropical rain forest where chupacabra is believed to be seen.

C markerMexico -
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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 2 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Dolores Monet: I'm elated you've found my hub about it. Thanks for sharing.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 2 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @mary615: Yes, ma'am I'm glad you didn't. I've been to Puerto Rico, twice, as a seafarer. This chupacabra is often talked about by the stevedores to frighten us about its existence.

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 2 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Interesting hub. My son was a big chupacabra fan and I so enjoy reading about this mysterious creature. Shared!

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 2 years ago from Florida

      I'm sure glad I didn't run into a Chupacabra when I visited Puerto Rico! I never heard of this animal (or whatever).

      Very interesting Hub. Voted UP, etc. and shared.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @sgbrown: My apologies for this late reply. Chupacabra, Saola and other endangered species are now being revealed to the world. Thanks to Dicovery Channel and other stations promoting such awareness.

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 4 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      I thought that the Chupacabra was just a myth. It now looks like it really does exist. The pictures and video are proof. This was very interesting! Voting up and interesting! :)

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @rcrumple: That's what in my mind when I was tempted to publish this hub. Many urban legends have corresponding explanation as to why they exist, just like chupacabra. :)

    • rcrumple profile image

      Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Very interesting hub! Much debate always exists when scientists proclaim themselves as all knowing experts, and everyone else is simply "stupid in believing in legends." Well presented info!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @howlermunkey: Thank you as I catched your attention regarding this new breed of wild animal called chupacabra.

      I remember now, my father used to tell us about a dog-like animal that was sighted in our farm uphill.

      Since, it is now also seen here in the tropical rainforest of the Philippines, I can conclude that this is the animal that my father used to tell us about.

    • howlermunkey profile image

      Jeff Boettner 5 years ago from Tampa, FL

      Fantastic photo and video! I had heard of the Chupacabra, growing up in South Florida many of my friends were from Mexico or Puerto Rico. I never took the stories seriously, I actually treated the Chupacabra along the same lines as a "bigfoot". It looks like this is a real animal? wow, Great hub! Voted up, awesome, interesting and sharing.