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Traveling to Greece For The Greek Experience

Updated on March 12, 2011

Greece is located in the Southeast region of Europe. and is positioned at the southern tip of the well known Balkan Peninsula. It lies right at the meeting point between Asia, Africa, and Europe. It has claim to heritages of the old Roman & Byzantine Empire, four centuries of the Ottoman Empire, and ancient Greece as well. Greece is widely considered the birthplace of what we now call 'democracy'. It's the home of Western literature, major principles of science and math, philosophical thought, and Western drama of both comedy and tragedy. It's filled with wonderful contradictions, an interesting journey through time, from present to past and then back again.

While this country is relatively small, it's actually huge in terms of diversity. The landscape has given us millions of beautiful postcard images. The history of Greece is long and eventful. It has a deep rooted cultural history that has affected all life as we now know it. This country is very unique and affluent and is inhabited by a type of people who gaze with confidence toward an optimistic future.

You can walk through Olive groves and ancient site. Or visit clusters of very sparsely inhabited islands. You can roam from the beach to the rocky and mountainous terrains, and see some breathtaking scenery. When in Greece, you stand at the crossroads of all cultures, all colors and civilizations, and you can feel the history and warmth that lies there. You will discover the fullness of its influence and experience.

Among it's many great features is the Acropolis in Athens. It is a fine sanctuary for the goddess Athena, who is its dedicated patron. It is seen as a democratic emblem. You simply cannot come to Greece and pass up seeing the Acropolis. It's a place where the foundations of democracy and much philosophical thought took place and came alive. It's a cornerstone of Western civilization.

While you visit the Acropolis, you are left to beam with admiration at the beauty of the city of Athens. In all its glory, it takes your mind back to ancient days and what they did back then. To know that you have a part in something so important is hard to describe. Other must-visits in Greece include Mykonos, Delphi, The Temple of Poseidon, Mycenae, Olympia, and the Palace of Knossos.

Greek history spills over into our own with lots of power and fruits of a time of deep thoughts and ideas. Its history is unmatched and unrivaled as a center for democracy. It can change your whole outlook on life. It's definitely a great place for you to go on your vacation or holiday.


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