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Off The Beaten Path: Visiting Kedah, Malaysia

Updated on March 3, 2013

A short trip

On our bus ride to Kedah, we had the opportunity to enjoy beautiful sceneries such as the picture taken at the Gurun Rest Area.

When we arrived in Kedah, our first stop was the Jati Rice Mill. There, we had the opportunity to learn more about Malaysia's staple food, rice. Moreover, different samples of a few types of rice were passed around so that we could feel the difference in texture. At the talk, I learnt some interesting facts.

Did you know that white rice is very white not because it was polished but because the more times it is processed, the whiter it becomes? Besides that, do you know that yellowish rice does not mean it's old, it's actually more nutritious than white rice? Well, I did not know all these and learnt it at the Jati Rice Mill.

Our second stop was at Dr Mahathir's Former Residence. Dr Mahathir is a former Prime Minister of Malaysia and he was also the longest-reigning one. As he is a famous person from Kedah, it was natural to stop here to learn more about his past. The exhibits are housed in a few traditional houses. Hence, you would be required to remove your shoes before entering.

Kedah's Paddy Museum

Pictures taken in Kedah, Malaysia

Taken at the Gurun Rest Area, on the way to Kedah.
Taken at the Gurun Rest Area, on the way to Kedah.
The Paddy Museum in Kedah
The Paddy Museum in Kedah
Painting inside Paddy Museum
Painting inside Paddy Museum
Ostrich at Lye Huat Garden
Ostrich at Lye Huat Garden
Former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir's old residence
Former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir's old residence

Next, we visited Lye Huat Garden. Here, there was a mini zoo with animals such as deers, owls, ostriches, raccoons, bears. Besides the zoo, you can also enjoy some beautiful paintings in the gallery.

Early in the morning, we had already seen real paddy fields. Now was the time to learn more about paddy. Thus, our next stop was Muzium Padi (Paddy Museum). The place is well known for its beautiful 360 degrees painting of landscape as seen from the top of Gunung Keriang. In the painting, you will see landscapes of paddy fields. It looks very realistic. As this museum is quite popular, do expect to queue for some time before you get to the top to view the painting.

Shopping in Kedah

Before leaving Kedah after the short day trip, we stopped near Gunung Keriang for some Crystal Shopping. There are some stalls there but as we reached there quite late, most stalls had closed and we were left with not much choice. Remember to bargain!

And with that, we left Kedah knowing more about rice and Dr Mahathir. All in all, it was a satisfying trip and we had a great time. For other attractions in Kedah, scroll down.

Other attractions in Kedah

Besides the attractions mentioned earlier, visitors to Kedah can also venture farther to the islands of Langkawi. As Langkawi Island is situated on the west coast, thus it is still a safe destination even during the monsoon months. It is a perfect place for a honeymoon with numerous choices of hotels such as the Four Seasons and the Andaman.

At Langkawi, you can choose to just spent your time in total relaxation or venture around the town area. As Langkawi is duty-free too, do stock up on items such as alcohol and chocolates before you leave! 

Besides shopping, some activities include visiting the Pulau Payar Marine Park, island-hopping, and visiting the Underwater World. Do look out for eagles too as the skies above Langkawi are dominated by these amazing birds too. It is so common that there is an Eagle Square within the town. 

Langkawi Island, Kedah

Paddy Fields in Kedah

Do you feel like visiting Kedah, Malaysia?

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