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USA road trip-beginning to travel East

Updated on August 15, 2012

Go East! Winter is coming

Last look at Yellowsone
Last look at Yellowsone | Source
Another great lake along the way
Another great lake along the way | Source
At last a moose but still no bear.
At last a moose but still no bear. | Source
Help? some birds we just could not identify.
Help? some birds we just could not identify. | Source

The road East from Cody passed through the Big Horn River Canyon and we did a short hike away from the road on one of the cattle tracks that areas used to send the animals up to find grazing in forestry land during the summer. We saw some real life cowboys busy herding cattle down the mountains as winter starts. As we returned down the trail another couple coming up saw a Rattle Snake on the trail, to our concern we had missed it a few minutes earlier. More about the animals we have seen in next week’s letter.

The interpretative trail at the Big Horn Waterfall was probably the best we have seen so far. Information about the geological history and present flora and fauna was well presented in the self guided trail.

Were tempted to stay and watch an inter schools football match at Shell, population 684, playing against another school in green uniforms. It seemed like the Buffalos were bound to have them for lunch! Instead Audrey and I had lunch in the local town park which was deserted because everyone was at the match. We had earlier driven through Emblem, population 10, I wonder if they have a football team?

Friday night we are in Sheridan, voted the best cowboy town in America, by who I don’t know, and why I also don’t know. Tomorrow we head further East to the next state which is South Dakota and promises more surprises and even some gold panning in the Black Hills near Lead, pronounces as to ‘lead’ someone up the garden path as I did with the story about the name of the football team, but the opponents did have on green uniforms which does seem to be a mistake if you are playing the buffaloes. You could hardly call the team from Shell ‘the Pansies!’

Saturday was ‘Crazy Woman’ day, after leaving Sheridan we took a side road towards Painted Horse along the Crazy Woman River and then Gillette, on Audrey’s inspiration and thanks to that we enjoyed a great morning travelling through typical Wyoming territory and some really good birding. We could stop and photograph the Wild Turkeys, Pheasants and Ducks along the way. The only problem was that we ended in Buffalo which was not on our route. Once you get into rural USA you cannot simply read the signboards as they will point you in the direction of the nearest major highway rather than the side road that you want. This resulted in the only Spotted Horse we saw was the few along the way grazing in the fields and Crazy Woman, the name of the RV park in Gillette, where we had another great vegetable pot and an evening doing washing and working on the photos that we took since Yellowstone

Love from the Cowboy State and another great sunset! Hee Haw!


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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Sounds like a good time, especially in the deserted park.