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Unusual Stuff To Do In Disney World -- Parasailing At Disney World And More

Updated on June 17, 2011

A Different Sort Of Disney Vacation

Given how enormous Orlando, FL's DisneyWorld resort it, you could probably spend a month there and not see everything. But while the main parks and their hundreds of rides are definitely worth enjoying, there are some less well-known activities that you can participate in and enjoy. Here is some of the unusual stuff to do in Disney World; believe it or not, you can even go parasailing at Disney!

1. Parasailing or waterskiing on the lagoon: Several companies offer these water activities by the Contemporary Resort, including K&M Parasail and Skydive City. Book a flight and you're in for a much different type of thrill than you get on Space Mountain. Plus, when you're in the air, you'll get an awesome view of the Disney World resort and its surrounding hotels.

2. Chef's Table Dinner at Victoria & Albert's: Disney has food for every budget from burger joints to high-end restaurants. However, if you truly want to splurge -- and c'mon, you are on vacation! -- V&A's (located in the gorgeoys Grand Floridian Resort, which is one of Disney's ultimate upscale resorts to start with) is the place to be. The Chef's Table dinner is an especially luxurious experience (you'll be shelling out more than $100 per person, but again -- VACATION!!), where you're served a sumptuous -- not to mention private -- 7-course meal, complete with a maid and butler! Plus, you get to meet the chef who worked so hard to prepare dinner for you ... and when coming up with the meal, the chef will take into account what everyone's likes and dislikes are. Perfect for a family with kids where the parents might want to be adventurous when it comes to food, but the kids might want to stick with familiar dishes like pasta or meat and potatoes.

3. DisneyQuest CyberSpace Mountain: If you're not up for Space Mountain or the other intense rides available in the parks, but still want more of an adrenaline rush than the Small World ride or carousel provides, why not take matters into your own hands and design your own roller coaster? The simulated ride, located in Downtown Disney's DisneyQuest gives you the chance to "build" a virtual coaster, making it as intense as you desire (you can even add loop-de-loops). The information is then downloaded onto a disk, and when you enter the pod-shaped ride, you pop it in and voila -- you're on a "coaster." The technology is similar to the park's other simulated rides (like Star Wars in MGM or the Mars ride in Epcot) where the screen has a graphic of a coaster track and the pod shakes and spins so that you really do feel like you're moving. If the pod's a rockin', don't come a-knockin'...

4. "Roughing It" In Fort Wilderness: Though Disney has dozens of lovely hotels, those clammoring for some outdoors fun can actually camp on the property. Fort Wilderness offers sites ranging from basic pop-tent campsites to "preferred hook-up campsites," which have more amenities. And, of course, with this being Disney, there are air conditioned areas where you can cool off if the muggy Florida nights prove to be too uncomfortable.

5. See the World -- No, Really!: You can "see" much of the world by visiting Disney's Epcot park, but if you really want to travel, try the Adventures By Disney program. Disney offers tours to many places, including Costa Rica, Africa and Australia, and they keep adding destinations. In each place, travelers will not only get to see the famous sights, but will interact with the people and get a first-hand look at the local culture and customs. Of course, with this being Disney, everything is taken care of so that you and your family are comfortable and happy during your voyage. By doing this, you can experience something new and enjoy Disney "World" quite literally. Plus, showing your kids different customs and cultures first-hand is a better lessons for them than any history book can provide.

Riding CyberSpace Mountain

Parasailing At Disney

Takin' A Ride

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    • profile image

      TheDisneyVacation 7 years ago

      Parasailing looks like fun. I'm planning my summer for some extreme outdoor adventure while on Disney. I'm such a Disney fan!