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Use Your Gap Year Adventure To Do Voluntary Work Abroad

Updated on July 22, 2009

A gap year adventure can encompass many things. You could decide to take a year out before going on to continue your studies or you could choose to take a sabbatical from work to provide your services to people in a foreign country that are less fortunate than you. Doing voluntary work abroad is a great option if you want to see different parts of the world and if you want to give something back to society.

There are lots of different ways in which you can work overseas. You can choose to go with an established volunteer abroad service or you can create your own itinerary. If you are not sure what type of volunteer work you would like to do, here are a few options to consider.

A gap year adventure could broaden your horizons
A gap year adventure could broaden your horizons

Volunteer To Build A School In Africa

There are specific charity groups that you can apply to where you can help build a school in areas desperate for teaching accommodation.  Building a school in socially deprived areas will enable children and young people to get the education that we in the developed world take for granted.  You could join a community based programme and share your building experience to enhance the lives and futures of a whole generation.

Meet new people during your gap year adventure
Meet new people during your gap year adventure

Do Volunteer Work In A Medical Centre

If you are a member of the medical profession, you could put your skills and experience to use by volunteering at a medical facility abroad.  You will have the opportunity to support the local workers in the hospital or medical centres.  There are many medical clinics that need the help of properly trained staff to administer drug treatment and care to patients. 

Choose Voluntary Projects Working With Endangered Animals

If you want to work with wild animals you will find countless organisations that you can volunteer with.  Whether you prefer working with larger animals such as elephants and lions, or would prefer to work with smaller animals like birds of prey, there is a wealth of choice to make any animal lover happy.

Look After Marine Life

If you desire volunteer work that involves being near the ocean, why not take a look at the different type of marine conservation work that you could do.  You could choose to work with turtles, assisting in the search and rescue of their eggs or you could help in the research of marine life which could involve going scuba diving.  You may even have the opportunity to see sharks and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Voluntary Work With Street Children

Street children are unfortunately a reality in countries all around the world.  Several organisations have been created in order to seek out these forgotten members of society and to help them to get the assistance they sorely need, especially protection from street gangs and prostitution rings.  Volunteering with one of these types of groups will certainly fill you with a real sense of achievement knowing that you have made a significant difference in the life of an otherwise forgotten child.

Work At A Ski Resort

Taking a gap year abroad does not necessarily mean that you have to do volunteer work. If you would prefer to combine work with pleasure, there are plenty of holiday resorts that you can work at. Ski resorts are always demanding staff during their busy seasons. You could get work which will include not only food and board but also the opportunity to get a free ski pass to go skiing and snowboarding to your hearts content.

If you use your gap year adventure to do voluntary work abroad, you will definitely have a fantastic opportunity to see a different part of the world and maybe even make a difference in the lives of other people.

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