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Charity Skydiving Is Great For Your First Parachute Jump

Updated on July 22, 2009

If you are interesting in trying skydiving, you may like to know about the different options that are available to you. You can choose to jump out of a plane completely independently or with a partner. There is also the opportunity of getting the same feeling of floating through the air without actually getting into a plane and heading upwards into the sky.

People choose to take up this activity for several reasons. The main reason is because it is fun to do and another reason is because it is a way to raise money for charity.

The four ways that you can experience the feeling of a parachute jump are

  • Indoor skydive
  • Tandem skydive
  • Static line parachute jump
  • Accelerated freefall skydive

Indoor Skydive

This activity means that you do not have to go up in a plane at all. You can experience what it would be like to be flying through the air by entering a purpose built vertical wind tunnel.  You are usually asked to put on a special jumpsuit and you are guided into this tunnel where an assistant will show you how to hold yourself. The wind simulation machine is switched on and you are literally blown off your feet.  This is a great day out for families as children can participant without any danger.

Charity skydiving can be exhilarating
Charity skydiving can be exhilarating

Tandem Skydive

This is the option that is most popular for people who are participating in a charity event.  You are strapped against an instructor who will be responsible for helping out of the plane once you have reached the optimum height in the sky.  He or she will then be the one to pull the parachute open once you have experienced freefall.  Charity skydiving has become a very popular way for people to raise money for different organisations and a tandem parachute jump gives people a great sense of achievement.

Static Line Parachute Jump

A static line parachute jump describes the method in which the parachute is opened.  It is connected to a line inside the plane and it is only when you reach the opening of the plane that the connection is severed and after you have jumped the parachute opens automatically and immediately.  As we all parachute jumps, you are given full skydiving training and cover all the procedures thorough with regarding to exiting the aeroplane correctly and landing properly.

Tandem skydiving is a great way to experience a parachute jump
Tandem skydiving is a great way to experience a parachute jump

AFF – Accelerated Freefall Skydive

Accelerated freefall is a parachute jump that lets you experience the ultimate independence. You are given a real crash course in skydiving and parachuting.  Each client usually works with two instructors.  They will put you through your paces on the ground to make sure you know everything that you need to about jumping out of a plane, interpreting when to open your parachute and manoeuvring yourself correctly so that you land safely.

There is so much more to learn about parachute jumps whether you have decided to experience it by doing a charity skydive, a tandem parachute or even an independent skydive. 

Check out the internet to find out more about skydiving tips and parachute clubs in your area.  It is always best to try and speak to a qualified skydiver who can tell you first hand all about jumping from a great height and landing safely.


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