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Vacation - Great Ocean Road Vic.

Updated on December 10, 2009

Vacation Great Ocean Road.

Just out of Melbourne is the beautiful Great Ocean road which follows the coast winding it's way along the cliffs providing spectacular views of this shipwreck and surfing coastline incorporating Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean.

It starts from Torquay a pretty little coastal town near Geelong,about an hour fifteen out of Melbourne

It runs through many little coastal villages such as Jan Juc, Anglesea, airlie's Inlet, Lorne, the Great Ocean Road goes all the way to Marengo before it goes inland.

Along the way the views are spectacular, the colors of the rock reflecting off the water gives the cliff faced shoreline a range of colors and hews uncommon and ever changing with the position of the sun.

The road then disappears in to a beautiful cool rain forest for a few miles before getting back to the coast ending at Warrnambool..

View of the Great Ocean road
View of the Great Ocean road

As you can see in the picture the road follows the cliffs. There are plenty of places provided along the road to stop, so please wait until you park before the driver starts admiring the beautiful scenery!

The Otway ranges come down to the beach along the Great Ocean Road.

The coastline is rugged and interspersed with waterways and beaches many of which can be reached from car parks. Several of the river inlets have camping places and shops that sell all the things you may wnt like food, drinks, fishing gear, bait, goggles etc.

There are many who ride motorcycles down the Great ocean road on weekends. You can hire a motorcycle in Elizabeth Street Melbourne to do this trip if you have a valid motorcycle license.

I have ridden this road many times and can thoroughly recommend taking a small tent and camping in one of the many camping places along the way, or forget the tent and stay in a cabin or caravan park.

Tip: There are secluded self contained cabins set on the side of the mountains looking out to see in a forest environment. Some are very exclusive, most are secluded and private, with individual locations away from each other.

This is a great way to enjoy the view every day while you laze about, and a great vantage point to plan your next day's destination from.

For more details about the Otways, please see our new hub.

Surfs up! Bells Beach
Surfs up! Bells Beach

Bell's Beach

Bell's Beach

The world famous Bell's beach is a part of all the major International surfing competitions and is often won by locals or the Americans.

Australians are very keen surfers as you will know, and with so many thousands of miles of beach around this huge Island we get plenty of practice.

The event are televised and many Australians and International visitors stay for the surfing carnival and the parties afterwards. It also attracts a huge family crowd from Melbourne in the hot summer days.

The rest of the time it is often only a lone surfer or the beach is empty so you can have it all to yourself!

As you can see, some times you can have it all to yourself even on a perfect surfing day!

The London Bridge - well it was once

The London Bridge near Peterborough
The London Bridge near Peterborough

There is another formation you will see that was previously known as London bridge, but the storms broke the centre out so now it is 'London Arch" which for some reason I find amusing!

The twelve Apostles will need to be renamed too I guess, but the storm disaster aside there are still many strange rock formations along the coast!

One of the nicest thing for kids to do is play in the many rock pools along the coast and children of all ages enjoy chasing crabs and other water born critters trapped in the rock pools till the next high tide. There is all the other various sea weeds and grasses to examine in these rock pools as well, and it entertains me for hours looking at it all!.

The twelve apostles

After hundreds of storms along the coast the twelve apostles have been reduced in number!
After hundreds of storms along the coast the twelve apostles have been reduced in number!

Dotted along the Great Ocean Road are many formations carved out by the forces of the sea over many years.

Among these are/were The Twelve Apostles, a group of twelve rock formations that stood together as they do here.

You used to be able to see all twelve of them from this view but after storms have washed some of them away this is what is left!

Blow Hole near Apollo Bay

Spectacular Blow Hole near Apollo Bay.
Spectacular Blow Hole near Apollo Bay.


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