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Vacation - Perth WA.

Updated on December 9, 2009

Vacation Perth.

Perth is another large sprawling city that stands the far south west corner of Australia in a state five times the size of Texas.

Perth is a large city in physical size, typical of Australian capital cities in the way it covers so much space for it's population of 1.65 million people. It is growing faster than the national average growth rate..

Perth is more than than 2,100 kilometers {1,300 miles) away from the next big city which is Adelaide in South Australia, Perth is very much further away from all the other major cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Perth is beautifully placed on the Swan river which is wide enough to sail catamarans in, so naturally they do. You will see many catamarans including the very fast Olympic class 20 ft "Tornadoes" in the river.

The Swan river certainly has a visual impact on this modern city and the warm climate means many locals make the time to enjoy their river and spend time relaxing on it's banks .

Perth at night
Perth at night

The onshore breeze Perth residents call "The Fremantle Doctor" arrives like clockwork in the summer afternoons to cool Perth and make it comfortable to sleep at night in this warm climate.

the average temperature is a comfortable 76 degrees, but it does get a fair bit hotter in summer and the odd 100 is not unusual. It has hit 115 degrees but this is rare fortunately!

It does get quite cool in winter at times, but this is a warm comfortable climate most of the time.

King's Park situated in Perth Australia
King's Park situated in Perth Australia

Perth is an affluent city with many beautiful parks and gardens. A lot of money comes in to it's banking system from mining.

Despite the huge mining industry in Western Australia Perth itself produces most of the states income.

There is not much in the way of heavy industry in Perth and most are employed in service industries and retail to do with the population of the city more so than other industry such as mining.

No less than 5 major universities service Perth, and mining schools are also a part of the tertiary system.

Despite it's modern buildings and infrastructure, Peth is still a pretty lay back place to live, Many of the suburbs are new and the standard of housing is generally very high.

The location of Perth at the furthest south western corner of Australia is a gateway to some of the worlds most arid and complex landscapes, both beautiful and ancient.

Quokka's only seen on Rottnest Island
Quokka's only seen on Rottnest Island

Rottnest island

  • The name Rottnest Island came about from a case of mistaken identity when Willem de Vlamingh the dutch fleet captain called it "Rattenests" or english "rats nest" believing the exclusive Quokka was a large rat!
  • Salt was a popular way to preserve food when Rottnest Island was established. It was mined here and sent to the mainland.
  • Rottnest Island is located just 12 mile off the coast close to Fremantle so not far from Perth
  • The Island has some of the most spectacular beaches you will ever see as well as unique fauna and flora, and is home to the Quokka.
  • Very popular with divers, Rottnest is surrounded by shipwrecks because of the many reefs..
  • There are No less than three good surfing beaches.
  • Like Bermuda, no private ownership of land is allowed

Google map showing where Rottnest Island is in reference to Perth
Google map showing where Rottnest Island is in reference to Perth

Map of Perth area

This Google map shows the areas around Perth From Joondalup to Golden Bay.including Rottnest Island located near the middle of the map.

Fremantle is just south of Rottnest Island and is a beautiful seaside city with a very holiday feel to it. You could stay in Fremantle for a month just enjoying the many places to visit around the area.

there are mles of coastline, sandstone hills and beautiful historic buildings in Fremantle.

Food is a big feature here as it is with many Australian coastal cities.

Night view of Perth from Kings Park
Night view of Perth from Kings Park

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