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What You Should Never Do On Vacation

Updated on January 27, 2019
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Author Cheryl is an 9 time published author. She has dedicated her life to healthcare and raising awareness of abuse and mental health.

Do Not Hold Up a Nice Bed On The Beach

Wouldnt you love to be here
Wouldnt you love to be here | Source

Claim a Bed For The Day While You Are Off Doing Something Else

So here you are on vacation and as you walk around the resort your eyes land upon some luscious covered beds on the beach to lay on. You run with all your might to finally get some relaxation and be served beverages and food but to no avail not one bed open. Yes there are empty beds but they have peoples things on them. So you go over to the bar, order some food and drinks and watch to see if anyone will leave so you can dive in to that bed.

The empty beds have been empty for hours but there are personal belongings on them. So where are the people who have them?

Not at the resort for sure. They went out early in the morning, claimed their bed, ate breakfast, went on a 4 hour excursion, had lunch, waded in the pool and after about 7 hours they return to their bed waiting for them just like they left it. UNTOUCHED.......

I find it rude that people do this and a hotel or resort that promotes this kind of business. Its not right for anyone to claim something they won't use all day while others are waiting to get the same thing they paid for. I blame the hotels for not having enough accomodations for tourist.

I think that in these kinds of resorts a time limit should be placed on things like this so that everyone will be able to enjoy and benefit from it. I also think that people should bear in mind that everyone else is on vacation also and they should be considerate of other travelers that would get some enjoyment from even just an hour on that lovely beach being waited on and pampered.

Vacation is not a time for selfishness people. We all get away for some relaxation and to get the most out of our money. It's only fair to not only think of yourself when vacationing. I could not and would not be that rude ever and I don't see how others can do it either.

Things You Should Never Do in the US

Don't Drink The Water

Traveling to third world countries is not like traveling to highly industrialized countries such as our own. You must take precautions when traveling to third world countries or you could end up victimized, injured, sick, and any or all of these things could be serious enough to take your life. It doesn’t matter what your reasoning is to travel to a third world country, you are at risk while there, and if you know what your risks are, you’ll be better prepared so that you can take precautions against all of the risks.

When you are visiting a third world country it is typically recommended that you boil all of your water. When water reaches a strong rolling boil, all pathogens will be killed, and it’s safe for drinking, bathing, cleaning, or other uses. Beverages that are safe to drink without boiling are carbonated beverages, sealed bottled water, juices and soft drinks that are unopened, beer, hot tea and hot tea and coffee. It’s important to remember that only heat kills dangerous pathogens, ice actually preserves the organisms. If in doubt, do not drink something.

People Providing Safe Water

Shave Before You Go

Take care in shaving when you are traveling to third world countries, as a small little cut in the skin can cause infection. The problem with shaving is that it often causes microscopic tears in the skin, which are a great entry source for bacteria and illness. Most women give up shaving their underarms or legs while traveling to third world countries, and most men shave with extreme caution or give up the clean shaven look while there.

Shaving in a Third World Country Could Turn Out Devastating

Knowing When You Are At Risk of Danger

What do you do if a local family invites you into their home for a meal and it’s difficult to decline their offerings? “You have to assess the risk and decide if getting sick is worth it,” said Michael McColl, director of communications for Ethical Traveler, a San Francisco-based nonprofit.

“They were lovely looking and we wanted to eat them, but we had to turn them down,” Sollie said. “We were gracious, but it was still awkward.”

Traveling through a developing country will likely involve such risk assessment on a daily basis—and not just about food. Is it safe to walk alone at night? Is that hotel clean and secure? Are you at risk of getting robbed on that train?

It’s one of the most heart-wrenching aspects of travel: someone obviously in more need than you asking for money. “Begging is not natural behavior for most cultures,” said McColl, who has visited more than 50 countries. “They probably learned it from other travelers before you travelers who were not thinking through and taking responsibility for their actions.” Especially if it is children. This could make their behavior more aggressive over time to the point of robbing someone.

Just be mindful of your surroundings and if it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't .,

The Worst Things You Can Do On Vacation to a Third Word Country

Do not carry large amounts of cash. You can possibly be robbed at gun point and you don't want all of your money stolen.

Don't leave your passport or wallet out in your room while you are gone for the day. Most hotels have a safe. Use it.

Don't fall for beggars who won't leave you alone. They may be waiting for that one moment to take advantage of you.

Don't go out alone once you leave the resort. People have been kidnapped and sold on the black market especially women and children.

Access your risks before you leave the resort. Ask them are you in a safe place. Most of the time they will be honest with you.

Don't give your money to strangers. Again this could open up a whole can of worms and cause you problems.

Don't leave your itinerary on a dresser in your room Just because house keeping seems nice, there is still room for theft.


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