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Vacation Security

Updated on September 13, 2011

Vacation Security

Vacation Security: What the Motels Don't Tell You


You won't read this in the headlines anymore because the Media is so busy covering Obama's behind that they don't, print the honest news anymore, so here goes.

Methamphetamine labs that a tenants have set up in the rooms are a huge danger. The inherent danger of this makeshift drug operation placed the lives and safety of everyone at the facility in danger, and police are trying to to resolve the situation. They have become quite accustomed to repeatedly responding to calls for service at many motels because they did so about five times more frequently than at any of the other call.

In your mind you are aware that you will be taking a vacation in the very near future and you want to go out of state, so you know if you take a weapon and get caught its big trouble for you, just because you wanted to protect your family. Later I will get into self protection methods. This piece of information is not meant to scare you or change your vacation plans, just to give you a heads up on the states where the most crimes are committed.

The country's overall crime rate is displayed in two incidents. The violent crime index comprises homicide, forcible rape, robbery and assault. The property crime index consists of burglary, larceny/theft, motor vehicle theft, arson and carjacking. That’s is why I am writing this piece. You can’t rely on the spineless government to protect you anymore, all they do is put on a show. Do you know how easy it would be to walk into an airport and blow yourself up? A piece of cake and I am not making light of that. It disgust me.

Two of the post I was on over the years, were not doing their jobs properly, with personnel either sleeping or misrepresenting payroll. When I reported the situations I was removed from each post because in security the actual managers, not the post supervisors don’t want be bothered with anything. That might give reason for their removal from the easy street position that they are placed in, that they brag so much to their friends and security guards about.

I know one company I worked for went through five managers in two years. So you see, there’s one problem already that you have to worry about and that is good security. The other, where you stay. I have been a Security Officer for a number of years and have worked some of the worst motels there are. Of course I won’t mention any names but you would'nt have any idea that the ones I won’t mention are the same ones that you are staying in from time to time because you think you and or your family are safe but what goes on is sometimes a crime. First this is trying to figure out how to get the reservation you want, when you want it. You see commercials on television all the time about different places that give deep discounts on motel stays and if you call now and use your credit card they will throw in whatever they think will make the sale a done deal. Its kind of like the car business, but that’s another story. In other words you have to really pay attention and ask the right questions to come out with what you think you want. Then after you give the nice person on the phone your credit card number, address, city and phone number and hang up your are in a state of disbelief. “I hope things go right”, “me to dear”. Its like going to the store with your child. When you get to the aisle you thought you were supposed to be in you ask, “did she say ground beef or chicken”? You are not sure of what you actually got and have no number to call because you did not write it down. Read on to discover what they don’t want you to know. When vacation time finally gets here, the packing ordeal is over and you have much to much in and on the car, everyone has done what they need to do, you hope, and you haven’t forgotten anything that would make you turn around, you are on your way to what you hope is a memorable, fun loving, and relaxing vacation without a twist. You have the usual driving experience of stop here, stop there, buy this buy that, and if your lucky, nowadays with all the rudeness on the highways, you did not run into an idiot yelling obscenities and waving hand gestures at you for your family to see all the stupidity. Maybe just maybe you will be spared on this trip, after all it is your vacation. Finally you to your destination right in front of the motel is a homeless man begging for a handout. You go inside and the person at the desk has such a heavy ascent you ask your wife to interpret because you can’t understand a word the person is saying. So you go back out to the car to make sure no one is messing with your stuff. Your wife follows saying that what you got is not what you thought you got and about the same time there is a conflict between a man and a young woman going on down be one of the buildings. He slugs her and makes himself disappear in the darkness. Turns out she was a hooker that did not get paid, and the security guard is asleep in one of the rooms.. You are starting to get upset but trying to deal with it calmly. You start to go back inside and some gay guy says, “hey man you want to play, I got the toys, man”. You give him a few choice words and tell your family to lock the doors. Then you prepare to go back inside to deal with the idiot clerk. It turns out you got the “business deal’ not the “business exec” deal. That means, no wifi as you promised the kids and no continental breakfast or even a microwave in the room. But hey, they have some great coffee. There are no elevators and your room is not by the pool but it is on the second floor and they don’t have a substitution that you can switch to and it is not even the prime season. Bummer. They sell what the manager tells them to sell. They might say they are out of one type and push you to another. The kids are upset and the wife is bitching and you are fit to be tied.

The thing is the Motels, nor the rental company don’t want to give you a reason not to come to there Motel so they don’t tell you that a large percentage of their business comes from monthly renters that are local people that for whatever reason are living at the Motel for a time. The problem with that is there are hookers, pimps, street people, and drug dealers that need a place to stay and that means drugs, prostitution and possible mugging or worse. You also have guys that rent a room and let it to the girls to use as they please and that means a % of the profits.

A number of these places don’t want to spend an extra dime to put security in so in the middle of the night all hell is breaking loose and you can’t sleep for the boom, boom, noise coming through the walls. If they do have security, more than likely they don’t give a damn what’s going on anyway because their company bid was so low to get the job that they barely make minimum, so they could care less. This stuff is going on all night.

If the Motel is broken up into different buildings, such as four in a square, stay as close to the office as possible. Its like sitting in front of the room when you were in school. The rift raft was always in the back. With a motel, it’s the same. In fact there was one location where the local police were doing a drug deal trying to bust the dealer when the perp said, lets do the deal in the back corner of the Motel. When they arrived at the location the dealer tried to rob the druggies/cops and the female cop ended up shooting the dealer. People were staying in the Motel while this was going on and the motel was not warned of the action. A bi-stander could have been easily killed.

There was another case that the cops knew nothing of where a tenant saw a pimp put a knife up to a hookers throat because she was holding back some funds and then he beat her up pretty bad but she did not call the police. Go figure. By the way. White girl/black guy.

You see a lot of that going on now. No offense, but I grew up in the 50’s and 60,s so I don’t believe in mixed marriages or relationships, but each to their own. I just hate to see these girls, no matter what race (Mexicans girls are big into this also) used and abused like trash. There was another instance where the drunk boyfriend beat the girlfriend because she was cavorting with a street person/drug dealer/pimp. They had been in the Motel for over two months.

You need to, if you want to stay in a Motel, call ahead and check their particular circumstances. Do they have security, are they satisfied with their security. Usually they will be honest about that because its not the owner you are speaking with. What % is nightly and what % is monthly. What part of town they are located in. How is the crime in that part of town. Is the traffic heavy or light. Is there a gas station right next door or is there a nice neighborhood close-by? Usually if there is a Gas Station right next door it gives the hookers and druggies a place to loiter and wait for their contact.

If anyone comes up to you and ask for money or food, I know you can’t help but feel bad for these people, but not only will they become a nuisance they will bother others in the motel that don’t care to come in contact with them. Nearly a quarter of the nation's 744,000 homeless are in California.

We (my wife, my son, & myself) use to do the motel thing till we went to a timeshare presentation back in 2000 and purchased a beautiful lock-out 2 bedroom unit in Kissimmee, less than 5 miles from Disney World (the Magic Kingdom). When you put a pencil to it, we have not spent anymore than if we had stayed in motels for that nine years and we have not spent anymore money.

One thing I would recommend taking some self defense programs so you will be ready for anything that might threaten you or your family. Even martial arts experts get beat up in the streets. I hate to say it because I've spent so many years—and so much money—on martial arts classes and on sparring mats; and I learned a lot. But often times these days, martial arts school is more about colorful belts, expensive uniforms, and those monthly dues, i.e., money. Here are some programs that won’t cost an arm and a leg but will give you an idea of how to protect of yourself not put on a show. I can’t stress how important it is to know how to protect yourself at least to some degree. I have seen guys cold cocked for no reason at all then I had to step in and have these idiots arrested.

There are so many presentations going on you shouldn’t have to ever use a Motel again and you can see for your self how beautiful and how much safer it is than staying in a Motel to stay in a Vacation Resort. Even the Marriot People have Resorts now, and they are beautiful.

The following is one of the most beautiful and I believe the largest Vacation Resorts in the world. In addition to vacation ownership, Westgate Resorts also provides nightly rental opportunities at all resorts. Google Westgate or Fairfield deals. We have been to more states than I can count since buying our vacation condo at Vacation Village at Parkway. Some of these include Nevada, California, Colorado, Rhode Island, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia (Helen is a beautiful German Village like, town), Florida (Disney Orlando and all the other great fun to be had), and Maryland (the Potomac in autumn is beautiful and there is this one golf course over looking the Potomac that is fantastic).

When you own a Timeshare you can sign up with a rental management company (In our case it is RCI and bank your unit (in our case it is a two BR lockout unit that we get two week vacations) and trade to go any where that RCI has rentals and that is over 4000.

SOME OTHER RESORT DEALS AVAILABLE TO YOU. (copy and paste) Traveltogo. This is a guide to the best tips, tricks and savings available for a Disney Vacation. Strategies that can literally save you hundreds – if not thousands of dollars. You see – the Lady that wrote it is not only a best selling travel author – but she was also a Disney Cast Member. And let me tell you – she learned a lot and kept her eyes open. She watched hundreds of families needlessly throwing their money away because they didn't know any better way. If only they had known what I know! And that’s how my “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” e-Book was born.

It’s everything I've learned and discovered in making a Disney Vacation an affordable and magical experience. You can have a Disney World vacation every bit as enjoyable and rewarding as the family who spends 2, 3, or even 4 times as much money! I recommend this book very highly. What with gas and food at an all time high you have to save where you can and cut corners where possible, but, you still deserve a fine vacation. Take one. There are many ways to get a $2000 vacation for next to nothing online. Be creative or email me at and we will look together and get you a nice vacation that you deserve and that you can afford.

The last thing I am going to tell you about is how to fly for free. I’m talking kids, family, etc...My friend, Eric relayed to me recently that he and his wife haven't been on a vacation together for more than 4 years. Over a cup of coffee, he was explaining, or should I say making excuses, why he couldn't take his wife on a romantic holiday and I said, no way. So we dug and got them a real deal he could afford and they were really thankful.



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