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Vacationing like a Local Bahamian

Updated on March 2, 2011
Twin bridges leading to and from New Providence Island to Paradise Island / Atlantis.
Twin bridges leading to and from New Providence Island to Paradise Island / Atlantis. | Source

Traveling to the Bahamas is probably one of the easiest ways of experiencing an international destination off the U.S. coast and all one really needs is a passport, used to be just a birth certificate but the laws have changed.

1. Ships and sailing vessels

2. Flights and airplanes

Exposure to something wildly exotic and different is less than two hours away by air and depending on which island or Islands you choose to explore from three to twelve hours by ship. Cruising is currently one of the biggest ways to travel, for all that is included in the package, for the excitement and entertainment, it presents multiple ways of enjoying oneself with out feeling burdened.

 Going west from Bay street visit Ardastra Gardens and zoo and others. Forts like Fincastle, Charlotte and Montague is going east after visiting Porter's Key dock.

Going west is more of a touristic adventure, catering to the industry.

Going east takes you to more of the residential side of the island but you will see awesome homes, beaches  and places like Black beard's tower.

1. History, Slaves, Loyalists...

2. Pirates, Buccaneers ...

3. Food, locally grown, made and caught...

4. Multiple cultures...

5. Relaxed living...

6. Entertainment...

Entertainment can be found in a multitude of ways, from touring the island on motor vehicles, horse and carriage, or automobiles or bus, even walking tours are possible. For example, Light houses, forts, Museums, Straw Markets for shopping , Queen's staircase, grand houses and local malls.

Night Life is one of the best in all the world from eating, dancing, exploration, shopping and gambling, the Nassau night life is just as exuberant as the day! The choice is always what would you prefer to do. Strolling on a moonlight beach is a favorite of mine.  Places like Waterloo Club and Senor Frogs for dancing. For gambling any of the major hotels on west bay and on Atlantis / Paradise Island.

Cuisine - food glorious food! Go for the local fare! This is a must have when going anywhere new even in your own home town, but when you have the opportunity to try something exotically different and succulent let it be the local fare, specifically the conch - pronounced " conk". 

Crab and rice, peas and rice, chicken souse, fried or boiled grouper, craw fish, lobster, peas soup and dumpling, johnny cake, corned beef and grits, pineapple tarts, gauva duff, sugar apple and so much more.

Conch - a world renowned delicacy that is used to all of it's mouth watering advantages in the Bahamian collection of extensive recipes for the white meaty muscle that comes out of a large pink shell.

This is a national dish is eaten fresh out of that sea water in dishes like scorched conch and conch salad. Conch salad is enjoyed by Bahamians and visitors alike conch is diced up with fresh produce like lime juice, orange juice, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, hot peppers, dash of salt and voila a healthy delicious recipe that excites the taste buds. Porter's Key dock is the best place to get fresh conch and other Bahamian flavorful foods.

Other dishes including conch is deep fried, stewed and boiled. Every form is excellent!

Picture from cruise ship at the Miami Port.
Picture from cruise ship at the Miami Port. | Source

Getting there we started our journey out of Georgia, north of Atlanta headed to Miami, Florida. Thank God i like driving cause as always this is an exhausting trip but i love car trips, especially when they are not to pressing - time restriction.

But i would always say one thing go in a vehicle that is roomy, i know that small or medium is economical but oh how they make the trip even more wearisome, but don't let that stop you if that is all your budget will allow.

Yet there are ways to make even a tiring trip an awesome experience:

1. Snacks, try to keep fruit, gum and water as well.

2. Music, something upbeat and funky - that makes you sing along.

3. Companionship, always make this a priority, cause communicating is vital.

4. Cash, having at least fifty dollars in bills under 10 dollar denominations and 5 dollars in quarters and loose change.

5. Wipes, hand towels and tissue paper.

6. Sunglasses, hat and flip flops or a comfortable pair of shoes.

7. A camera, paper and a pen.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship, arriving early is such an excellent unfolding of a glorious morning. Entering the Nassau Harbor is a spectacular view from any angle!

The light house on the out skirts signals that we are entering a new and fantastic experience. No matter how often you cruise or the fact that i am a native of the island, seeing it like this is always an awesome invigorating memory.

Cruise ship entering the Nassau Port.
Cruise ship entering the Nassau Port. | Source
A markerNassau Bahamas port -
Nassau, The Bahamas
get directions

A markermiami port -
Port of Miami Seaport Department: General Information, 1015 N America Way # 200, Miami, FL 33132, US
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