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Villas in Portugal - A Guide to Villas in Portugal

Updated on July 31, 2010

A Guide to Holiday Villas in Portugal

Portugal is the most westerly country in Europe and blessed to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean, and enclosed to its north and east by Spain, forming the Iberian Peninsula! Spain and especially the Atlantic has deeply influenced throughout the ages customs and the history of Portugal! There are great tales of war and love to the east and valor and courage to the west, above all due to Portugal’s strategic location during the era of discoveries!

The villas in Portugal whether in the north, central or south are all different and have their own particularities, due to the different weather patterns throughout the nation and as well being one of the warmest countries in Europe, first time visitors will tell apart the climate as soon as they arrive!

Portugal is drawing more and more year round tourism at a steady rate, whether it will be low season visitors to the big cities like Lisbon and Oporto or even adventuring the wonderful sceneries of the interior, or a trip down south for some golf!

Stone over stone villa in the Minho area
Stone over stone villa in the Minho area
Typical Alentejo farm villa
Typical Alentejo farm villa
Algarve traditional villa
Algarve traditional villa

To the north you can find villas in Portugal that are possibly the most beautiful in this area. Large stone over stone construction with schist stone slate roofs and the interior finished in noble woods, floor and all! From the outside they look a bit rudimentary, but don´t be fooled by this centuries old architectural lines because once you step in to one you´ll notice the quality! All these homes are laid to blend with the scenery and the high valleys and deep ravines that are found in Minho and Douro area.

Here you can walk, cycle or drive the hillsides and passes and take in the breathtaking landscape and river views, or trip down to the plentiful vineries that mark the landscape where you can have a wine test. Keep in mind that this area is after all where a number of the best wines the world has seen are produced!

Driving to the south now for a few short hours, you´ll be near the capital of Portugal, Lisbon! To the west, shores and coastline around this area has seen a lot of development in recent years with luxurious 5 star resorts taking advantage of sea, climate and closeness to the nation’s capital and airport.

If you´re around this area then let me suggest you to drive to see and admire another kind of villas in Portugal that are totally different from the villas up North! Heading from the capital to see these different villas in Portugal, just head east or south east for an hour or two! Many of these villas in Portugal in this area have been renovated to its original state, previously owned by latifundia farm producers until the revolution, now converted to receive tourists! Huge manors they are and built to house the workers that at the time would care for the fields! Almost all of these homes were built with stables!

Going down south and absolutely within an hours drive, is the Algarve! The most southern province of Portugal! With over 200km of coastline filled with the most beautiful beaches one can find, the Algarve is not only for beach lovers and golfers but lately the interior of this province is becoming to be a place to adventure and discover! Villas in Portugal in this area have been renovated traditionally! Homes here face south, mostly painted white and a particular blue around the windows and doors and with half moon clay tiles to top the roof! Numerous of these villas are decorated with museum like pieces that once were used in the fields!

Villas in Portugal can be found large or small, traditional or modern, beachside or deep in the countryside, so come take your pick for your own enjoyment and relaxation!


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