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Visiting Korea: Day 5 at Busan

Updated on January 27, 2014

Danubi Train at Taejongdae

Taking the Danubi Train at Taejongdae

On our last day in Busan, we took the train towards Nampo station. Here, we then hailed a cab towards Taejongdae. At the entrance, there is an information centre. However, the staff are not proficient in English but by using sign language, they were able to direct us further up the steep slope to the ticketing counter for the Danubi Train. The Danubi Train is the only transport available in order to have a more relaxing visit of Taejongdae. It is possible to trek on your own but it would take hours as it is pretty steep terrain (route of about 4.3km). Unfortunately, there was rain earlier in the day and due to the slippery road surface, the Danubi Train was not operating when we first arrived!

Beautiful Sea View at Taejongdae

Tea Kettle Island, located in front of Taejongdae.
Tea Kettle Island, located in front of Taejongdae.

Beautiful Sea View at Taejongdae

In the end, we decided to wait it out as the sun was coming out and we really wanted to see the beautiful coastline of Taejongdae. Finally, at 11am the train started operating. We each paid 1,500 won for a one-day ticket. You can choose to get down at any stop, explore the attractions at that stop, then wait for the next train to get to the next stop. For us, we made two stops in total.

Taejongdae's Key Landmark

Taejongdae Observation Deck and Yeongdo Lighthouse

Our first stop was at the Observation Deck. Here you can spot the Tea Kettle Island and spot Oryuk Island (Oryukdo). At this stop, you will also find two small restaurants. The food choices are limited but sufficient to fill our stomachs. During our visit, there was also a photo exhibition of famous actress Choi Ji Woo at various Busan tourist attractions. She looked stunning in all the photos on display! Our next stop was at the Yeongdo Lighthouse, or more commonly known as Taejongdae Lighthouse. Here you can spot the pebble beach and the Sinseon and Mangbu Rock.

Huge Octopuses at Jagalchi Market

Seafood galore at Jagalchi Market

At Jagalchi station, take exit 10 and turn right onto Jagalchi 3-gil (street). Walk for 5 minutes then turn left and you will see Jagalchi market. Marvel at the variety of seafood on sale here and the gigantic sizes of some common seafood like squid and live octopuses. If you have not eaten yet, you can taste fresh seafood here too. We did not stop to eat here though so we have no recommendations.


Nampodong Area

Just across the main road from Jagalchi market is BIFF Square. Here you will find handprints of Korea's stars just like those at Hong Kong's Avenue of Stars. Further away from the main road, you will come across the Meokja Golmok or Eatery Alley where you will an alley filled with food stalls where customers sit on stools while eating. This is for the adventurous to try! After passing by this alley, you will soon reach Gukje Market where you can shop.

Soon, it was time to catch the KTX to Seoul. We left for Jungang to pick up our luggage then quickly caught the subway to Busan station where we had a quick meal before boarding the train.

Map of Busan

show route and directions
A markerTaejongdae -
Taejongdae Park, 동삼2동 산 29-1 Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea
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B markerNampo-dong -
Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea
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Statue of Mother and Children at the Taejongdae Observatory

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