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Visiting Washington, DC - Free Programs at the National Theater

Updated on March 1, 2015

The National Theater - A Step Back In Time

The National Theater
The National Theater | Source

Seating Might Be A Tight Squeeze at the National Theater

Visit the same theater that President Roosevelt came to. Known throughout time as the "Theater of Presidents," because of the number of presidents who have frequented the theater, time has not changed nor updated this small theater. People used to be shorter so taller visitors should expect legroom to be tight. The carpet is of the older style, with intricate patterns. The seats are the old-fashioned wooden seats that we don't remember because modern theaters aren't made that way anymore. Visitors, who arrive before opening night for each performance run, might be surprised by the spook of a former actor. It is said his apparition appears on the eves of the opening nights. Many a visitor has sworn to have witnessed a ghost roaming during those nights!

Paid Performances Run $100 or More A Night. How About a Free Performance at the National Theater Instead?


Free Children's Program at the National Theater

The free program for children at the National Theater is held every Saturday. Shows begin at 9:30am and 11:00am each Saturday as scheduled. Line up prior to the show start times, as tickets are distributed on a first-come, first served basis. Visitors who are interested in attending shows may not request tickets for anyone not present. Therefore, all persons who plan to attend the show must be present in line to receive a ticket for their seats.


Monday Nights at the National Theater

Free shows are available for adults on Monday evenings at the National Theater. These are classic film screenings from Old Hollywood. To take advantage of viewing these free films, prepare to attain tickets prior to show time, which is 6:30pm, by waiting in line for a first come, first seated distribution. The issuance of tickets begin 30 minutes before show time.

The National Theater is located 1321 Pennsylvania Avenue. For more information, call (202) 783-3372.

Disney Productions At The National Theater

Be A Free Guest at the National Theater in DC

With seating at over 1,700, there is an first-come, first-served policy at the National Theater. But, viewers of well renown shows might not be so eager to line up if they knew more about the ghost of the National Theater that still haunts it. The ghost of John McCullough is said to haunt this theater, after being shot by another theater actor almost 100 years ago! After this death, his body was supposedly buried under the stage. As recent as 1982, a pistol - rumored to be the very one that killed the John McCullough ghost - was found during a renovation... near the spot he is said to be buried! Of course, the people that work at the National Theater contend that the McCullough ghost is nothing but a friendly spirit. Decide for yourself - when you visit the National Theater on opening night!

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