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Warwick Castle: Knights Maidens Horsemen and History

Updated on May 22, 2022
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Nell has always loved the History Romance and Legend of Britain's Castles and secrets. 'There is magic within these walls' Says it all!

What to do at Warwick Castle
What to do at Warwick Castle

Stepping Back In Time

Castles aren't just for adults, sometimes when a Castle puts on a display, games or fun for the kids it can be a great day out for everyone. As I discovered a few days ago.

I have been meaning to visit Warwick Castle for a long time, so imagine my delight when I was offered a free ride with a couple of friends and their children.

Here we take a look at some of the main attractions, and add my two pennith worth of good and bad stuff that the keepers of the castle so to speak need to sort out for a more enjoyable day.

Warwick Castle Warwickshire England

Hidden Gems

First of all make sure you get there early. By the time you have walked around the castle then explored the grounds, it can be quite tiring especially for little feet. So pace yourself.

Along with the displays there are plenty of tents with hidden treasures for the kids selling swords, shields and other paraphernalia.

The one thing that delighted me was the fact that there were hidden gardens with fountains and Peacocks, and a lovely rose garden to just chill out and take a breath.

So what's the best way to take in the whole day and make sure you don't miss anything?

Peacock and fountains at Warwick Castle
Peacock and fountains at Warwick Castle

Plan Your Itinerary.

This is what worked for me. Of course you may take time over some of the things, rush through others, but this took us right up too closing time.

  • Arrived at around 11 am
  • Long walk from the car park to the entrance, around 15 minutes.
  • There can be a large crowd waiting to pay so make sure that you get in the right queue. We didn't and wasted around 10 minutes in the Card queue, check as you approach the entrance. Inside the main gates leading to the first courtyard is the pay by money booths.
  • The main Bailey or courtyard within the Castle is a great place to sit and eat a picnic. There are food stalls within this part of the Castle.
  • Okay, after making sure kids have been to the toilets, long trek in between each toilets! Then head into the Castle for a good look around at the rooms.
  • Afterwards take a stroll across the courtyard grass and go out into the fields beyond. If you take a stroll down to the river Avon on the left, you will see the setup for the Knights to do the Jousting. This is usually every couple of hours.
  • After the Jousting head back and watch the Birds of Prey. This was amazing! I loved it!
  • By this time its around 4 pm so you can then begin to chill out and have a well earned rest by heading back across the field to the Peacock gardens where you will see beautiful Peacocks and lovely fountains. Its a great way to take a breath and just relax.
  • If you are more inclined towards flowers, then just behind this garden is the Rose Garden. I don't have to explain how amazing this is, it is just wonderful!
  • By this time its around 5 pm, so you can either head towards the shop tents or if you have little kids they will enjoy the children's play area.

Rose Garden Warwick Castle
Rose Garden Warwick Castle | Source

Pro's and Con's.

Ticket Prices
Do take your own food as its really expensive to buy inside the Castle.
Don't wear high heels or unsuitable shoes as its a 15 minute walk from the car park to the Castle!
£24.60/$38.33 Adult
Do leave early to take in all that the Castle has to offer.
Don't pay 6 pounds/10 dollars for the car park as its at least a mile walk to the entrance! Always buy the 10 pound car park ticket which takes you nearer to the main entrance.
£21.60/$33.66 Child
Take spare cash, even though you may have bought the tickets over the Internet you will need money for the Dungeon which is separate, and extra food and toys.
Always be careful to pick up bags, we lost a bag and it took ages to find it.
Online Prices £18.45 Adult £16.20 Child
My friends two little girls in front of a lily pond in the rose garden Warwick Castle
My friends two little girls in front of a lily pond in the rose garden Warwick Castle | Source

What Did You Think Of The Overall Visit To Warwick Castle?

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horsemen at Warwick Castle
horsemen at Warwick Castle | Source

Can They Improve Anything?

Well yes there are a few things that ticked me off slightly. For starters I think its appalling that the Car park fee's are 6 and 10 pounds. Nearly 25 pounds entrance fee is a lot of money. To charge this amount for parking space I believe is just greed.

On top of this, I think its terrible that the walk between the 6 pound carpark and the Castle entrance is over 15 minutes long. That is pretty much nearly a mile long! For 4 pounds more you can park near the Castle entrance. I believe this should be made more clear on booking over the Internet. Especially if you have a disabled family member or friend. Even an older person would struggle.

I think they should introduce a small road train to pick up visitors.

Also I was not impressed that you have to pay an extra 9 pounds to go down into the dungeon. That should be incorporated into the Castle entrance fee.

And last but not least.....!

Make sure you check out all the inside of the Castle. I made the mistake of wandering round the 19th Century part which was fun, as it had wax work models for the kids. But I never got to see the secret rooms such as the Bear Tower that belonged the Richard III. When I realised, it was too late and we were back home. I could have kicked myself as I love history!

They Got Me!

The good old Stocks!
The good old Stocks! | Source


Don't worry if you forget to take your own food, there are plenty of food stalls inside and around the Castle inner courtyard. Not only do they have Castle Burger King stalls there are little cafe's dotted around where you can eat a varied selection.

  1. The Conservatory Tea House
  2. Undercroft Pizza and Pasta
  3. The Coach House Restaurant
  4. Afternoon Tea.

And many more little side stalls too. And of course an abundance of ice cream for those little mouths that need constant feeding!

You can get to chat with the Knights before the Tournament! And see the horses too!
You can get to chat with the Knights before the Tournament! And see the horses too!

So Who Lived In Warwick Castle?

The original Warwick Castle was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror. Originally it was a wooden Motte - and Bailey castle. In the 12th century it was rebuilt in stone.

These are some of the early residents of Warwick Castle, and the history surrounding them.

  • 914 earthen rampart was constructed.
  • 1068 William the Conqueror builds the first fort.
  • 1088 The 1st earl of Warwick is appointed his name is Henry de Beaumont.
  • 1242 the title changes, and John Du Plessis.
  • 1260 Castle rebuilt in stone.
  • 1263 The Castle changes hands once more, this time taken over by William Maudit.

For more information about who lived in Warwick Castle and the battles that were fought there please go to:

Warwick Castle History

And What About Glamping?

The great thing about Warwick Castle is that its open every day of the year, apart from Christmas day of course. Even Knights and Knaves need their rest for one day!

The best time to visit is Spring or Summer mainly because most of the action takes place outside. But I am sure they cater for the Winter months too.

Nearly forgot!

Don't forget the Glamping!

What the heck is Glamping? Well its Glamorous Camping of course! Stay overnight or maybe even a week in the Medieval tents! With all mod cons of course!

For prices check out their main website as they may change at different times of the year.

So all in all a great day out!


Glamping have fun camping at Warwick Castle
Glamping have fun camping at Warwick Castle

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Nell Rose


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