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What To Do In Newfoundland Canada

Updated on March 23, 2017

Welcome To Newfoundland Canada

I was lucky enough a few years ago to work in St. Johns Newfoundland for a couple of months and every chance I got I explored this small province. From watching whales in the Atlantic at Cape Spear to the rich history of Cabot Tower and Signal Hill. A trip to Newfoundland Canada is a trip to remember for a life time,

Cape Spear Newfoundland

Sorry for the blurry picture the weather was funny that day. The sign above is located at Cape Spear Newfoundland and reads basically Canada starts or ends here depending on which direction you are heading. Not only is Cape Spear the most Eastern part of Canada it is also absolutely beautiful. From the trails along the rocks of the Atlantic ocean, to old parts of a battle sight to a stunning lighthouse to lucking out and seeing a pod of whales swim by Cape Spear is a must see location on any trip to Newfoundland.

Cabot Tower And Signal Hill

Signal Hill which is located in beautiful downtown St. Johns Newfoundland is a Canadian Heritage Site and is popular with both tourists and locals alike. On top of Signal Hill which gives you and amazing view of both the Atlantic Ocean and St. Johns. Signal Hill is famous for a couple of reasons the first being it was the ending place of the seven year war in 1762. Cabot Tower which sits on top of the hill was built in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Of course Signal Hill is also the place of the first transatlantic wireless transmission in 1902.

There are a ton of walking paths around the area of Signal Hill. One suggestion though make sure you are in good shape for the trail heading down to lower ares as the stairs going down are not to bad but suck coming back up.

Colony Of Avalon Newfoundland

The Colony of Avalon is located in Ferryland Newfoundland. This area has a rich history, like the rest of the province, and a archaeological area that has unearthed wonderful treasures. What I found at this area was a hike up to the top of the hill where a lighthouse is located and some of the most beautiful land I have ever walked upon. A man told me that the land type is very similar to what one might see in Ireland. All I know is that being surrounded by the Atlantic ocean to the steep cliffs and stunning view. Colony of Avalon in Newfoundland is definitely a must see.

St. Mary's Ecological Reserve Newfoundland

For all of the bird watchers out there the favorite spot in Newfoundland is the St. Mary's Ecological Reserve which is home to thousands upon thousands of all sorts of birds. I remember the walk really well as it was typical of Newfoundland with the gorgeous view of the Atlantic and the sheer cliffs. Unfortunately I also remember the smell but thankfully the camera did not capture that.

Dungeon Provincial Park

Dungeon Provincial Park is located near Bonavista Newfoundland and is home of this awesome cave pictured above. Bonavista is a stunning little town full of friendly people and a scenic trail system that includes cliffs and of course the stunning view of the Atlantic

Bonavista is famous for being the landing spot of John Cabot in 1497 when he first discovered North America. If you are interested there is a full replica of John Cabot boat The Matthew.

Whales And Puffins Tour

Surrounding the St. Johns Newfoundland area is a number of tourist outfits that offer Whales and Puffins tours. Puffins for those who are not familiar look like little penguins that are able to fly.and are the official bird of Newfoundland and Labrador. With half a million Puffins in the Newfoundland area these birds are a favorite sight for locals and tourists

Of course most people come from the whales and Newfoundland does not disappoint as long as you are there the right time of the year. Almost every tour operator guarantees a whale sighting during the tour and normally they are able to get pretty close to the giants of the oceans.

FYI this is the only item on the list that will cost you anything other than gas.

Twillingate Newfoundland

Twillingate is another small town in Newfoundland that is known for a number of things but the big one would be icebergs. Unfortunately I was a couple of months to see the annual flow of icebergs but what I found was the true power of the ocean with massive waves and winds that threatened to sweep you out into the water. It was a bit of drive from St. Johns Newfoundland but the five hours brings you through deep forest and picturesque views

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland Video

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Tips For Traveling to Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most beautiful areas of Canada which should be seen by people all around the world. Like traveling anyplace there are a few things you should keep in mind

Time Of The Year

Newfoundland has some of the most brutal winters in Canada. From severe winds to tons of snow it is not travel friendly during the winter. If you want to see the icebergs there are sites that track them through the edge of the province during the spring.

Traveling The Province

Newfoundland has a ton of moose and unfortunately they are beautiful to look at but have a tendency to step in front of moving vehicles. Be aware and listen to the radio for moose warnings, yes they have them.


I am not a foodie and not into trying new things however if you are there will be foods you have never heard or dreamed of before that tend to be traditional dishes for the area. Cod cheeks and moose tongue quickly come to mind


This is actual a Newfoundland tradition that involves an alcoholic beverage known as Screech. Basically the visitor will take a shot of Screech, say the pledge then kiss a cod. Trust me if you are cold the shot of Screech will warm you up in a hurry


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    • Stephen C Barnes profile image

      Stephen Barnes 13 months ago from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

      I am glad you enjoyed your time here in my home province enough to write about it, and that you had the opportunity to visit some of our more beautiful and interesting attractions. Thank you for this article.