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Why I Hate Niagara Falls

Updated on July 24, 2017

Why I Hate Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the premier tourist destination in Canada with millions of people from all over the world pouring into the small city to see the famous falls. The problem I have with Niagara Falls, and there are many, is that it has been exploited to such a high level the gorgeous beauty of this area has a very cheesy feeling to it.

Be warned if you are traveling to Niagara Falls you better bring along a ton of patience and money. During this particular hub page we will look at the problems of Niagara Falls or you head to Newfoundland for true Canadian scenery and experiences


Niagara Falls Means Money

There is nothing cheap in Niagara Falls, well I did find a restaurant serving breakfast for three bucks, and everything is overpriced. Tourists will walk along the sidewalks that run around the falls while being able to take in both the Canadian and the American falls however they are going to pay a very high price for parking. The twenty dollar per hour parking spot is still a good hike to the actual falls area.

Once you have taken in the beauty of Niagara Falls there are several shops that sell the cheesy t-shirts and other souvenirs that seemed to be ultra popular with tourists. Two of the most popular tourist stops at the actual falls is the Journey Behind The Falls and The Maid Of The Mist. Both come with a steep price tag and a long line at the entrance

Clifton Hill The Ultimate Tourist Trap

Clifton Hill is famous world wide for its assortment of stores, restaurants and attractions. Everywhere you look there are bright neon signs and characters trying to get people to enter their establishments. Clifton Hill is normally packed solid throughout the day and night during peak seasons as for some reason people completely forget the reasons why they came to Niagara Falls to begin with. It would be easy to kill an entire day exploring Clifton Hill but I hope you took out a loan from the bank as it will cost a fortune to experience the ultimate tourist trap

Niagara Escarpment

The Niagara Escarpment is simply beautiful. It is absolutely stunning to see how nature works over thousands of years from carving the cliffs to the deep forests. It use to be a joy to walk through.

Problem is the Niagara Park Commission found out the popular areas and threw in a so called attraction. A walk among the Niagara River use to be relaxing and now it is a money trap. There are still spots along the Niagara Escarpment that have not been over commercialized but they are few and far between. Such a shame

Marineland Niagara Falls Ontario

Of course Niagara Falls is the home of Marineland which unfortunately has been the cause of controversy over the last decade or so. Seems animal lovers do not like the idea of wild ocean creatures to be taken from their natural homes and placed in glass displays for people to gawk at.

I actually don't have a problem with Marineland as I see it as an opportunity for my child to get up close to dolphins and whales plus the wide variety of other animals on the property. The amusement park is decent with a strong steel roller coaster, it doesn't compare to Canada's Wonderland but it is better than the local carnival. If your looking for a tourist destination in Niagara Falls that has the most bang for the buck Marineland probably is it. Just try to pick a day when there are no protestors outside of its gates

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The Real Problem Of Niagara Falls

The real problem of Niagara Falls is the amount of people it attracts year after year. With constantly being in a crowd and surrounded by strangers it just does not have that relaxing feeling a vacation should have.

Niagara Falls the city is not very big in terms of size and population however the closer you get to a weekend or the summer for that matter the number of people grows by such a huge factor that traffic and parking are always an issue. At one time Niagara Falls was the pride of the tourism industry in Canada but unfortunately those days are long gone.

If You Insist Niagara Falls Tourist Tips

If you insist to travel to Niagara Falls here are some tips that will save you a ton of money

1) Book Way In Advance - Hotel rooms are expensive and they are on a sliding scale so the sooner you can book the cheaper it will be. For an example a run of the mill hotel room that costs 100 bucks per night can be 300 a night if you book late

2) Package Deals - There are always deals surrounding Niagara Falls so take advantage of them. Whether it is through the Niagara Falls Park Commission or Clifton Hill retailers you will save a bundle. Just watch out for the small print. Ten attractions for one price sounds great until you realize you need to do them all in one day

3) Time Of The Year - This has to do with people and crowds. The high peak months are obviously July and August when the place is overflowing with people. June and September are still pretty busy as well. If you have to go during the summer avoid weekends at all costs. It will still be busy but hopefully not as bad

Niagara Falls Drone


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    • profile image

      beautyliciousness 5 weeks ago

      I love Niagara my favy place worldwide well almost Toronto more.

    • profile image

      Gary edwards 7 weeks ago

      I have resided not by choice in niagara region for 15 months now. Honestly...this areas prime landfill and thats it! The reason buisness and industry left is location, lack of transit services and isolation/ segregation.

      Im resourcefull, smart and energetic. Ive been able to do something to make an income everywhere in my past..but st catherins welland port colborne,especially....deseve to be plowed under ready for toronto landfill.

      In my time here ive lost my friends my income and my self worth trying to make a life here.. dont make the same mistake yourself.

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy 9 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Good article. I've never been to Niagara Falls and can imagine that local businesspeople have taken advantage of it. Some great tips here for people thinking of visiting.