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What You Should Not Miss When Spending A Weekend In Rome

Updated on October 6, 2014

If you are given a weekend in Rome, what will you do and where will you go? For an eminent city with such a great collection of wonderful sightseeing spots, a weekend tour may not be enough. However, if you only have such a short span of time to spend in Rome; it would be better if you prepare a quick bucket list of places you want to visit before heading to Rome.

The good thing about Rome is that even if it is such a really huge city, visiting the most popular tourist spots can be easier. This is because the historic center of Rome, where most of the interesting highlights are situated, is a rather compact thus making it easier to reach by just walking through.

To help you decide what are the best things you can do and the great sightseeing spots you can visit when you spend just a weekend in Rome, here are the top spots that you should not miss visiting.

Piazza Venezia

Visit the ancient Romans during the Roman Empire Era

Aside from having such a great number of interesting spots, Rome is likewise very popular because of the significant personalities during the Roman Empire era. You can start your three-day tour by visiting Piazza Venezia.

Altare della Patria

Forward-facing Piazza Venezia is the renowned structure Altare della Patria. It is a colossal monument that was erected by Mussolini and was called “The Typewriter”. It is also in Piazza Venezia where the former headquarters of Mussolini is situated.

Markets of Trajan

Column of Trajan

Heading left from Altare della Patria, you can see the Column of Trajan. If you are interested about the founding story of Romans, you should not miss a visit to Column of Trajan. It is where the battle between the Romans and the Dacians in 2nd century A.C. took place.

The Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is definitely a must visit spot. It is the most prominent highlights in Rome. This gigantic stadium was built to serve as an entertainment and political arena. It was the venue of the gladiator fight and the arena for public execution. Traditional entertainment performances were also staged in the Colosseum. You will surely be mesmerized with the majestic splendor of this almost 2, 000 years old monument in the historic center of Rome.

The Colosseum

The Palatine Hill

Just a short walk from the Roman Colosseum you can find the Palatine Hill. You can find the remnants of the home of the aristocrats and the emperors at the Palatine Hill. Among the interesting finds you can enjoy in the Palatine Hill are some excavations and the museum.

What you can find at the Palatine Hills

Domus Flavia
Domus Flavia
House of Augustus
House of Augustus

Quick Tip: Book your hotel

Prior to going to Rome, you need to book your hotel first. By doing so, you can be rest assured that you already have a nice place to stay when you already arrive in Rome. Booking ahead will also help you save time and effort. Rome is such a busy city all year round. Generally, all the hotels are always booked any time of the year. With this, looking for a place to stay can be a bit tough and will surely take much of your time, thus lessening your time to roam around city highlights.


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