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What are No Frills Hotels

Updated on July 24, 2009


On the journey to establishing what ‘no frills’ hotels are you first must determine what ‘no frills’ means.  The term ‘no frills’ is typically utilized to indicate a service or product that does not display the normal features, amenities or extras. The term ‘no frills’ does not mean poor quality when it comes to service or product. It simply means that you are getting the basic essentials at an affordable price. This idea of ‘no frills’ hotels has really caught on around the world.

It began in Europe and Australia long before taking hold in the United States. The concept of businesses eliminating luxuries to offer lower prices has really caught hold in the midst of the global economy down turn of the past few years. Although there will always be a need for 5 star luxury hotels the desire for ‘no frills’ hotels will be just as demanding. Lets examine some of the more popular ‘no frills’ hotels in the world.

Some No Frills Hotels in the World

Yotel In Amsterdam

Yotel recently opened a ‘no frills’ hotel in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. British operated Yotel has been opening these hotels around the world. The best way to describe the rooms in a Yotel is to think of it as a train cabin in the space age. These rooms are small. You have some space to get around and the rooms are still considered premium. The beds are comfortable and slide into the full size position. All rooms come with a bathroom and a tiny desk. The rooms also have plenty of electrical outlets and free Internet access.

The Schiphol, Yotel is located airside and can only be reached by air passengers that are passing through. This allows these passengers to gain a little privacy, shower, get some rest or even get some work done without even departing the airport. These rooms can be rented by the night or in 4- hour time frames. The concept is catching on and Yotel is considering future sites in Frankfurt and Hong Kong. The rooms are not meant for extreme amenities but to deliver the basic space you need to rest and move on down the line.

Hotel Website: Yotel Schiphol Airport
Vetrekpassage 118
1118 AS Schiphol, Netherlands
+31 20 7085372

EASY Hotel In London

The same concept applies to the EASY Hotel chain that is used with Yotel. These are ‘no frill’ hotels. These hotels were designed with the notion that most consumers would rather endure smaller rooms for a cost friendly price. The rooms are about 65-75 square feet. They are small so if you have any problem with claustrophobia you may want to ensure that you get a room with a window. This EASY Hotel in South Kensington offers double beds with tiny bathrooms and showers. There are flat screen TV’s in every room. The common joke about these types of hotel rooms are that they come in small, very small and tiny. Although these hotels do have a staff member on site at all times there are no extra services. There is no lobby to speak of. These rooms are for sleeping and showering at an affordable price. To reserve an EASY Hotel room you have to do it online with a credit card. There are no phones in services available.

Hotel Website:

Hotel 81 Princess

The Hotel81 (Princess) is a no frills hotel located in Singapore. The hotel boasts a convenient location with modern amenities in every guestroom and superb service. Modern comfort and convenience are seamlessly combined to ensure the guests' satisfaction.

Hotel Website: Hotel 81 Princess
21 Lorong 12 Geylang Singapore 399001
CALL: (65) 6842 8181
FAX: (65) 6842 4515

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Hotels that offer ‘no frills’ like Yotel, EASY Hotel and Hotel 81 are springing up everywhere. They are the wave of the future. Space will continue to be an issue in the future and basic needs will override the need for luxury. The next time you travel try one of these ‘no frills’ hotels out and experience the craze yourself. It is just what the doctor ordered if you want to save money and live with the basic essentials.

How do you find these no frills hotels, just try travel search engines like and you will be able to get a variety of hotel deals ranging from no frills to luxury.


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