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When you visit New Delhi~Things to remember

Updated on November 26, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Logo of 2010 Commonwealth Games
Logo of 2010 Commonwealth Games
Auto in Delhi
Auto in Delhi

When you visit New Delhi

New Delhi is getting ready for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. More than 1,00,000 foreigners are expected to visit Delhi during the games. Tourists are advised to beware of odd cons who try to make quick money. Giving below some of the tricks used by these guys.

A shoeshine ideally cost you 25 to 50 cents (Rs. 15 to 25) but to the stranger, it could cost $20 (Rs. 1000) I read a report in the Hindustan Times on 16th Feb. 2010 that Mr. Huffman a media consultant from Washington was conned twice in his first visit last year. He isn't the only victim. Wiley Wade from Texas as per the report said "I don't remember if it was a bird that pooped on my shoe or a kid who wanted to make a quick buck, but a shoeshine guy appeared magically from the thin air seconds after it happened. He offered a shine and I agreed. The job is done and he looked up and demanded Rs. 750 hard cash.

Beware of Auto Drivers.

Another group is the Auto drivers who charge exorbitant fare from the outsiders. To prevent this the Government made it compulsory to install electronics meters in the Auto's which shows the distance (Kilometer) along with the fare. You have to make it Zero when you hire an auto. Still, you find many Auto's with a meter not working or meter not working properly. They charge as they wish. These people also work as a commission agent of the hotels. They will pick you up from the Airport or railway station and drive you to hotels from where they get a commission. They even use lies like "right now there is a communal riot is going on and I'll get you a safest hotel" etc. One foreigner ends up in a hotel where he had to pay $200 for a night.

As per the Govt. policy, auto drivers can ask 25% more of the metered charges. (night time starts from 11.00 pm to 5.00 am) To know more about auto charges/taxi charges please visit the Delhi Government website

Another group is the street vendors who sell goods 2 to 8 times higher than the normal value. They follow you and persuade you to buy their goods. They ask 8 times higher price than the normal. Bargain with them. If, to avoid them, asking a reduced price will be a big mistake. For example, if you say 50% of the asked price, chances are that they will dump it on you. So, do not say a lower price to get off them. The chances are that they will be dumping it on you and you are purchasing the same at a higher price than the normal. They even use abusive language if you ask a lower price. It is better, if you are not interested in their item or service, just say "No." Not only do you have to say, No, but you also have to say it loudly, firmly and without smiling and walk away.

Please note these are some odd people who will try to get some quick bucks. There are good people out there who deal with you justly and decently. I am telling this not to diminish the image of Delhi but to help those, who could fell in the trap of bad people. Hope this will help those who visit Delhi in the coming months.


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