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You, Me, and Sunset in Belize

Updated on January 13, 2020

There I was sitting on one of the most beautiful beaches in Belize, watching the sunset into the bluish green serene waters. The white sand seemed as pure as love. The sun looked like, someone had dropped a big ball of fire into the water and it was burning out slowly. I have always loved the orange color just before the sunset, but witnessing this in Belize was one of the most spectacular sights I have seen in my life, what made it all the more special was that you were with me. We just sat in each other’s arms and were just enjoying the moment in silence; the silence which had its own language and spoke a thousand words of joy of togetherness in that tropical paradise.

I was lost in the beauty of how splendid the moment was, watching the sunset with you in my arms, once in a while I would sneak a look at you, and you seem to enjoy the sunset as much as I did. There you were all mine just for that moment. To tell you the truth looking at you watching the sunset would have been better than watching the sunset itself. But I did not want to get carried away; I did not want to seem obsessive. I was just happy to have spent such a simply beautiful moment with you, doesn't matter what future holds, I knew I fell in love with you right then, but I did not know if you loved me or not.

The sun seem very tired now, it seemed like the moon was ready to take on its shift, bidding adieu to the sun. The sun signaled its departure to the moon by coloring the whole sky in spectacular colors, oh what an artist the creator is, to imagine and create such a melancholy canvas.

The moon came out and brought its posse along with it. I could now see the Orion very faintly, I have always loved that constellation, it always made me feel home wherever I was. You put your head on my lap and you looked at me, I looked at you and smiled, I ran my fingers in your hair, you seemed to be enjoying it, I did not stop, and you close your eyes with a nice little smile on your face. You seem to have fallen asleep; I did not want to wake you up, although you should know I planted a couple of kisses on your eyes, I may have never mentioned this before but it was one of favorite things to do, I in fact do it whenever you are asleep in my presence.

Now, I could see the stars clearly, thankfully it was clear sky night. I was amazed at how I could see the stars winking at me, although there is a good chance I am exaggerating the scene a little bit. It was after all a perfect night, well almost. I knew only one more thing would make it perfect l- music, I took out my iPod and it was on one of my favorite songs – “The way you look tonight”. Could not ask for more, I kept listening to it, you woke up around the 3rd time, gave me a big smile and said “Have I ever told you I love you?”

Unfortunately before I could answer, I woke up, “Well" I said, “At least I know you exist in my dreams” and prepared my mind to start my mundane daily routine.


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