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Zoo Atlanta: Gorillas, Clouded Leopards, and Pandas...

Updated on March 19, 2011

Zoo Atlanta...

The largest city in the southeastern United States is the city of Atlanta, and it has really come into its own as far as its reputation as the capitol of the south… It’s a hotspot for jobs and transplants from around the country come here to work and play. With two large lakes just to the north there is plenty to keep you occupied during the hot summer months, and there are no alligators to worry about either! Even though the summers are hot and humid, they are not nearly as bad as Florida is during July and August… With its reputation as an Olympic hosted city, more and more people are flocking to it every day!There are some fantastic attractions and things to do in Atlanta, including the incredible zoo within the city perimeter called Zoo Atlanta...

Zoo Atlanta is very popular with families and children, as they have a great selection of rare animals including pandas, clouded leopards, and gorillas. It’s a great place to spend the day or just a few hours. They have been able to breed pandas and have live births in the past, and it’s always an event for the media when that happens! There are not many zoos anywhere in the world that have been able to get pandas to breed and produce babies, so hats off to Zoo Atlanta for that!

Mountain Gorillas at Zoo Atlanta...

Another very popular attraction at Zoo Atlanta, are the mountain gorillas. They have their own outdoor enclosure which is open to the public. The gorillas have a barrier that they can’t pass, but when you get to their area you’ll know it immediately… When I got there I started to look around at all the other guests that were close to me, because I was wondering if there was some who didn’t know how to take a bath or shower because there was a very distinct musty odor exploding everywhere! I didn’t know for a few minutes that it was coming from the gorilla enclosure… Apparently, they suffer from a bad case of B.O. possibly because of all their heavy fur and physical activity, and not washing. It sure was a wakeup call! At other parks that have gorillas, they are sometimes kept behind glass so that you can see them closer up but that also takes the smell away so you don’t know about it.

African Animal Exhibit at Zoo Atlanta...

Zoo Atlanta also has a large African animal exhibit with a variety of typical species from there, including the Bongo, Duiker, elephant, giraffe, rhinoceros, lemurs, warthogs, and lions. There is plenty to do here at the Atlanta Zoo for the whole family, and when you get hungry there are plenty of options for a quick bite to keep you refreshed. If you are interested in learning more about the different animals at the zoo, there are several shows and feeding times for you to watch and get more information from the zookeepers there. Your children should really love the Atlanta Zoo, and it will keep them occupied for hours!

The zoo is relatively easy to get to, and you can get personalized directions from their website at Zoo Atlanta dot org. I hope this article has given you some good info about visiting, and I know you’ll enjoy yourselves! Have fun!

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