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Adventures of an Amateur Photographer

Updated on January 2, 2017

HDR brings the best in me as a photographer :))

HDR -High Dynamic photography- have strong effects on people. Some like them very much and others hate them.

I loved HDR from the first moment. After coming from a photo hunt, I add HDR effects to my nature and travel photos. Especially clouds, water seem more estetic in HDR photos.

P.S. I took this photo in Nişantası-İstanbul


HDR photo on a cloudy day

A journey in nature

I took this photo while walking in Kaz Daglari (Mount Ida ) in the Aegean coast of Turkey.

The path goes to a lovely restaurant called the secret Garden.

HDR in City - The old and the new


I took this photo in Wien, Stefan's doom is a georgeous Gothic Catedral, its reflection to the modern building is seen in my photo.

HDR made the reflections stronger and made the picture look better.

Istanbul is more magical with HDR

fisherman on Galata bridge
fisherman on Galata bridge

Istanbul is a beautiful city, I like to take photographs especially in the old city. Here is an example of a HDR city photo. fishermen on Galata Bridge

Marken Holland

Marken Holland
Marken Holland

I recently took this photograph in Marken -Holland

The sky and clouds are striking with the help of HDR

HDR Photography - How to create HDR Photos

To begin using HDR photography, you need a few simple things.

1.A digital camera, preferably a DSLR but a good point and shoot will do the job. Remember, you need to be able to change the shutter speed manually. The focus can stay auto but if you can set it on manual do so

2.A tripod; to function correctly, HDR needs to take different pictures of the same scene. If you do not want any motion flow, take pictures of stationary objects.

3.Latest edition of Photoshop

Cat Photo

I took this picture in a very sunny day at noon. As the cat is in the shadow, I failed to shoot with right exposure.

HDR corrected this mistake:))

HDR Photo makes me more creative

A photo taken in the lovely garden of Sabanci Art Museum Emirgan Istanbul.

The original of the photo was very attractive as the location is very beautiful. y changing the light values and applying HDR mode I made this scene more artistic. Now the clouds have a dramatic air and that made the picture more expressive.

Do you like HDR Photos?

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    • bibliopola profile image

      Işın Tuzcular 4 years ago from Istanbul

      @RinchenChodron: Thanks:)) HDR means "High Dynamic Range". Your final picture is a combination of the lighest and the darkest images. You take many pictures using exposure bracketing and than combine them into one picture.

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 4 years ago

      Wow, it really makes fabulous photos! I had never heard of HDR - what do the letters stand for? High Definition Resolution or what? Thanks

    • bibliopola profile image

      Işın Tuzcular 5 years ago from Istanbul

      @CNelson01: Thanks:)

    • CNelson01 profile image

      Chuck Nelson 5 years ago from California

      Nice pics! I do a lot of HDR too....there are occasions (locations, conditions) when it's the only way to get a decent picture. Well done!

    • lclchors profile image

      lclchors 5 years ago

      I may play with this some

    • bibliopola profile image

      Işın Tuzcular 5 years ago from Istanbul

      @PamelaCox: You are right a good photo does not need any explanation...

    • bibliopola profile image

      Işın Tuzcular 5 years ago from Istanbul

      @PaulaSquidoo: Thanks:)

    • profile image

      PamelaCox 5 years ago

      And I believe that good photos won't need any single word to explain what it means. With just a look, you know what it wants you to think of it.


      Full Color Banners



    • PaulaSquidoo profile image

      PaulaSquidoo 5 years ago

      Beautiful lens. Thanks for posting.