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Best List of Hotels in Huntington Beach, California

Updated on October 22, 2017

As a collective uninhibited community, Huntington Beach California has unabashedly carved out legendary status and world recognition for a destination which has never been shy about inducing a non-stop, uninterrupted party atmosphere, hot volleyball and slinky bikini competitions, fine nautical style dining at the pier, and of course, endless, year round, high energy board and body surfing. Located at the northern most tip of what I refer to as "Southern California's Premier Beach Row", it certainly lives up to this sizzling reputation each and every invigorating sun soaked day. Once considered the best "Utility Beach" on the pacific coast, Huntington has consistently honored and unrelentingly continues to build upon this designation by progressing forward to provide both residents and visitors with a more universal, well rounded "Pacific Coast" appeal and experience. It's not Laguna yet, but each time I cruise PCH the "Lamborghini Sighting" becomes more and more prevalent, stay tuned as the development stage of this up and comer proceeds in high gear.

The beautiful, staunch blue Pacific Ocean and her soft sandy beach hasn't changed much over the years, all the alluring characteristics which have ensured this famous stretch of coastline remains on the entertainment radar of a global population have been maintained, however, the vicinity surrounding it certainly has. Where there was once a section of vacant, idle land simply collecting remnants blown inland from the healing salt air, now stands a pristine, high end ocean view condominium community. Where there was once an ice cream wrapper collecting parcel of property just crying out for conversion and development to highest and best use, now stands a top notch, upscale ocean view luxury hotel resort, well, make that two luxury resorts. Both the Hilton and Hyatt chains have embraced Huntington Beach and have found a much welcomed home here at one of So Cal's busiest shorelines.


All previously touched upon factors considered, Huntington Beach is no longer just an exclusive surfers paradise, or the "Utility Beach" where young adults come to enjoy simple outdoor recreational activities such as playing football in the sand, or tossing a flying disc around. It has evolved rather rapidly into a premier west coast destination for all ages and demographics, more noticeably, a haven for the baby boomer generation which is coming of retirement age and beginning to contemplate the irresistibly appealing health driven benefits of migrating to this Orange County coastal city in an unconditional rejection of the colder climates of the nation and world. From the budget conscious consumer, to the lavish spare no expenses vacationer who wishes to be pampered from dusk til' dawn, the economically diverse compilation of visitors who come together and share this golden slice of California shoreline for the duration of their stay, is indeed a refreshing sight to see.

Side View of the "Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa"
Side View of the "Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa"

To a certain extent, Huntington Beach is now consciously catering to the wealthy and jet set demographic in the same way Laguna and Newport Beach had done in the past. Give HB a few more years and my prophetic guess would reveal a scenario in which this exceedingly popular, multi-recreational location will be at, or very close to par with some of the very best upscale shoreline locales situated further south. With the addition of two "Luxury Resort Hotels" sitting majestically upright, this harmonious duet of aesthetically immaculate, monumental figures which now provide the exquisitely scenic dominant backdrop on the north side of Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach is well positioned to attract all demographics while achieving full resort designation potential. Both the Hilton and Hyatt stand in regal fashion overlooking all festivities within at least a two block radius, they are indeed visual splendors and without effort, enhance the outdoor ambiance with luxurious Mediterranean architecture and lush, meticulously manicured tropical landscapes. Both are large properties located next to each other in succession creating the illusion or distinct impression of one singular resort, and it's simply a beautiful site to behold.

  • The Best Western Huntington Beach Inn, Shorebreak Hotel, and Sun n' Sands Motel round out the exquisite ocean front line up. Rates vary depending upon the hotel and room size & view -


In addition to the aforementioned regal, high end properties, there are several other prestigious hotels located inland and although not domiciled right on the sand or Pacific Coast Highway, they are within very close proximity. Each has its own California "Beach Flair" and the shoreline can be reached via a bike ride or short drive to enjoy all beach activities. They include the following - Howard Johnson's Huntington Beach - Comfort Suites Huntington Beach - Extended Stay America Hotel Orange County Huntington Beach -

Additional fine hotels to consider, each offers unique style and visitor experience: Huntington Suites - Huntington Surf Inn - Best Western Regency Inn -


California is such a special place in so many ways, the weather is near perfection year round, diverse geographical features provide a multitude of different recreational opportunities and experiences, and countless beaches from north to south stretch seamlessly for hundreds of miles creating the illusion of a never ending, sun kissed shoreline playing exotic host for your exclusive indulgence. Attempting to define the "California Lifestyle" in a few brief sentences is always a difficult task, however, the following passage is my latest best attempt to capture the visual along with intangible underlying essence and flavor of this intoxicating vacation paradise in a few descriptive words. - "Casual yet classy, laid back yet far from lazy, uninhibited yet restrained & refined, relaxed yet physically active." -

Anyone who has lived here for an extended period of time will attest, the fine balance of near perfection has been achieved.

- Sun Bathing in January on a secluded Huntington Beach Cove -
- Sun Bathing in January on a secluded Huntington Beach Cove -


  • For your convenience - AP's "Best List" of Hotels in Huntington Beach California -


Best Western Huntington Beach Inn 
(714) 536-7500 
Best Western Regency Inn 
(714) 962-4244 
Comfort Suites Huntington Beach 
(714) 841-1812
Extended Stay America Hotel Orange County - Huntington Beach
(714) 799-4887
Hilton Waterfront Beach Hotel
(714) 845-8000
Howard Johnson's Huntington Beach CA
(714) 373-0250
Huntington Suites
(714) 969-0450
Huntington Surf Inn
(714) 536-2444
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa
(714) 698-1234
Shorebreak Hotel
(714) 861-4470
Sun 'n Sands Motel
(714) 536-2543
- Huntington Beach Sunset  -
- Huntington Beach Sunset -
- Written * Designed * Created By Alternative Prime / Original Images By Alternative Prime -
"Read, Explore, & Experience" more literary and original visual works by this highly acclaimed author / publisher - Click "Alternative Prime" next to avatar at top of page -
Alternative Prime has lived in Orange County California for over three decades and has experienced just about everything this west coast paradise has to offer both fortunate residents, and eagerly enthusiastic visitors alike - From the sun drenched weather perfected beaches, to snow capped majestic mountain ranges perched above gentle cloud cover to the north, to the exotic, magically healing arid desert playgrounds situated to the northeast of the county - You are cordially invited to join Alternative Prime as we embark upon future exploration & documentation of this breathtakingly scenic Pacific Coast Wonder -


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