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Cruising the Eby Way

Updated on August 3, 2014

Carnival Cruise Ship

This is an article about the joy of cruising to Avalon Bay in Catalina Island, California. It is written by Gary Eby, whose new book, The Eby Way, will be released this September by

Boarding the Carnival Cruise ship, we walk up the ramp, and are impressed by the enormous size of the white boat structure with wings of red as smoke stacks. The on-board elevator quickly takes us up six decks to the Lido area.

The walls are decorated with colors of abalone shells. We stop for awhile to sample the buffet, and try the exotic drink of the day served in a pink, Carnival, souvenir goblet.

Choppy waves, gray seas, overcast sky: the first day of cruising spent with some unease about the lack of sunshine. But, it is also a day of relaxation, laughter, and quiet contemplation.

From our cabin portal, the ocean dances and swirls in hypnotic, constant motion. Sea foam and baby white-cap waves punctuate water rhythms, which glide and sway as far as the eye can see. Sleep came easily that first night.

A new day of cruising, spent in eager observation from the Veranda deck, looking out at Catalina Island and Avalon Bay. The sky cleared with patch-quilt clouds and splotches of powder blue, spinning hot sunshine on my neck and face.

Sea gulls dip, dive, and soar effortlessly. Some land on our guard rail; others waddle close to our blue deck chairs.

The ocean is much calmer today. I imagine it looks like a giant, dark and purple, silk scarf that nature uses to capture endless, rippling water, and to catapult soft, fresh, cool breezes our way.

Island mountains, further in the background, resemble a family of prehistoric, green and brown, spotted lizards. Small, white, leisure boats are moored peacefully in AvalonBay. A solitary parasail peacefully floats by, painted blue, yellow, green, and orange. And in the center of my vision, the vertical and square structures of Avalon nest white, pink, yellow, and red as a gleaming, pristine, portrait of modern art.

On the Lido, one deck below us, Reggae music flows with its distinctive, undulating rhythms, and steel-drum sounds. Our senses are further enhanced as my wife and I drink several blended and lime flavored Margaritas.

To my amazement, I spot a school of Dolphins jumping wildly out of the water in cadence with the slight pitching motion of our ship. These sea clowns brought a smile to my face as I sat totally enthralled by their entertainment.

In a flash the show ended, replaced again by the infinite view of the sea. Taking another deep breath of the pleasantly cool, salty air, my eyes roamed the undulating horizon.

There in the distance between our ship and the horizon, jets of sea spray cascade down like fountains from the blow holes of mighty whales. Oh my; what a glorious sight to behold.

Unfortunately, the pod of whales, vanish too quickly from my view. I feel my eyelids grow heavy with absolute peace and contentment.

Such a cruise, like this one, is well worth remembering. I will return there often in my mind’s eye to bask in the joy of being alive and at peace in the mystical embrace of Avalon Bay.


Carnival Cruise


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    • Kenny MG profile image

      Kenny MG 8 years ago from A Child of the Universe

      Yes, one of the sad things about Jamaica, is the tale of two world existing side by side and they never seems to meet in the middle. Love your hub especially about the cruise. You are an artist, you paint a picture few can, its like being there. I had a cruise last year to the Caribbean and it was beautiful.

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      I read your Hub several days ago, but did not have time to comment.

      I love sea.

      So inspiring article, I love how do you play with words.

      So glad you enjoyed your cruise, life is always better when we travel...

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Great ideas, Gary. Your hub reminds me of trips on the Grace Line from New York to Curacao, Aruba and Cartagena when I was a kid.

    • profile image

      Tomas 8 years ago

      While reading your post, it looked as if I myself was on board of your ship. That's just fantastic! Thank you for the wonderful visions.

    • Helen Cater profile image

      Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

      I have been on this cruise line but never to Avalon bay. I love reading these topics.

    • Ecotourismize profile image

      Ecotourismize 8 years ago from Denmark

      Thanks Gary for writing on my hub we do hope Travel to Care can create the basis for ecotourism as an alternative to the way we travel today. Please spread the word. Cheers

    • skmania profile image

      skmania 8 years ago

      very nice article...thank you...

    • profile image

      Juhud Felix 8 years ago

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      Juhud Felix

    • BrianFanslau profile image

      BrianFanslau 8 years ago from Eagan, MN

      I just took a flight the other week and saved 125$ using a Rovia site that my family refered me to. WV does have the best travel club I've seen great Hub!

    • Dottie1 profile image

      Dottie1 8 years ago from MA, USA

      I've never been on a cruise ship but you have a way of painting a beautiful picture of your trip to Catalina Island. Sounds gorgeous and what a wonderful picture to capture in your minds eye for holding aliveness and peace.

    • profile image

      Mark Justice 8 years ago

      Hi Gary,

      Great article! My wife and I were scheduled for a cruise from L.A. to the Mexican Riviera this spring but had to cancel because of the Flu scare (my wife's work). Your writing makes me want to re-schedule for this spring!

    • jblm profile image

      jblm 8 years ago from Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

      Hey Gary, amazing article. Blessings

    • profile image

      Lisa Luv 8 years ago

      I do like your writing very much.

      I also am sorta in awe of this story, I have been reading a lot of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC stories lately and I respect the level of writing in that timeless magazine~ I do believe your style, and in this case subject matter is on the same high level of writing as of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC stories.

      I haven't had the oppurtunity to investigate all of your facets yet? Maybe you have written for National Geographics?

      Let me know? I am curious? Also if you haven't yet~I think you would be a shoe in to write for them also--Thank You for sharing-I have learned much from you. Now remember you made a promise=) May God continue to bless you with these astounding gifts! PURE LOVE HUGS~LISA LUV (Lisa J. warner)

    • KEckerle profile image

      KEckerle 8 years ago from Currently near Surprise, AZ

      I went on that cruise back in the 90's and it was a sweet treat. Living in SoCal at the time, it was an easy drive up from San Diego and a nice get-away. There is something very peaceful about Catalina and Avalon Bay. And the ship was beautiful. For me the time at sea is what I go for. Enjoyed revisiting that trip of years ago. Thanks for writing about it.

    • euro-pen profile image

      euro-pen 8 years ago from Europe

      Very fine. The marine fauna alone is a good argument for ocean cruising. And the cruise liner in the photo of your hub looks really amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    • milynch43 profile image

      milynch43 8 years ago from Philippines

      Very nice read. You have me thinking about a cruise now.

    • profile image

      Sofia Hogan 8 years ago

      Gary, thinking of a cruise right now, with the descriptions of your adventures seem so far away. Your creative writing skills, I am sure, will match your book success.

      Sofia Hogan

      twitter @sofiahogan

    • kkay63 profile image

      kkay63 8 years ago

      Hi Gary,

      Congrats on the Ebook!

      I have never had a desire to go on a cruise ship - but now.....thinking.....

      Thank you,


    • profile image

      Ann Schilling 8 years ago

      You paint beautiful pictures with words. Makes me think about my cruise a few years ago to Hawaii.

      I am in Oregon as well...explored the coast this past weekend.

      Please comment back. Thanks.

    • packerpack profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 8 years ago from India, Calcutta

      Never been on cruise but I liked what you wrote especially the way you have described the whole scene!

    • profile image

      Antonio 8 years ago

      Nice post Eby; thanks for sharing and leaving a comment on my hub.


    • Litany Notch profile image

      Litany Notch 8 years ago from South UK

      Great hub about cruising and thanks for visiting my Adventure Vacations.

    • profile image

      Marelisa 8 years ago

      You know, I've never been on a cruise, even though I'm from Panama which is a popular cruise destination. I think I might add it to my bucket list after reading this lens.

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 8 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      I appreciate all of these positive comments. If you want more information about amazing Dream Trips at affordable prices, please contact me here:

    • Aqua profile image

      Aqua 8 years ago from California

      Very nice hub and really well written. I love cruising and traveling in general. Reading this makes me want to book a cruise sometime soon!

    • NaomiR profile image

      NaomiR 8 years ago from New York

      Great hub! We visited Anacapa in CA's Channel Islands, so this brought back some nice memories. We're actually planning to take a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean this upcoming February, so I enjoyed reading this.

    • thesleepingman profile image

      thesleepingman 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment. Great hub by the way, i particularly like the melody you played in the video.

    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 8 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      You are artist with words- you are able to create visuals in my mind's eye when I read your hubs.

    • hub-hub profile image

      hub-hub 8 years ago from UK,M

      nice hub

    • lizrenee44 profile image

      lizrenee44 8 years ago from Missouri

      Thanks for the comment and you have some very interesting hubs as well.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      You do have a way of painting a beautiful picture with your words.

    • DrValerie profile image

      DrValerie 8 years ago from Western USA

      Hey Gary! Love your writing too! Wow, I feel so peaceful and rested after reading this--which I needed after only 2 hours of sleep.