I love nature. Lets explore nature because it has the best.

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    Nixdushnnnposted 5 years ago

    The beauties of nature are the greatest gifts of God to man. How unlucky are they who cannot enjoy and appreciate nature. Nature is all around us in varied aspects and shapes. We have the green charming hills, ten snow-capped mountains, and the rising and setting sun in its varied and unforgettable glory. The dew drops on the blades of grass look like iridescent pearls. The silvery moon and the twinkling stars bedeck the sky. The roaring waves in the vast ocean and the lakes which look like sheets of water add to the glorious treasure. Even the violent as­pects of nature like the thundering clouds with dazzling flashes fighting, the torren­tial rain, and the all-powerful storm are some of the aspects of nature which Tennyson termed as nature “red in tooth and claw”. But they have their own charms which captivate man and even inspire in his heart.

    One can enjoy the beauties of nature in an abundant measure at a hill station. The floating clouds, the dancing springs, the winding rivulets, the all pervading multicolor flowers, emitting sweet, soothing smell, the trees standing like sentinels with birds singing sweet harmonious songs in their branches, the cool breeze, the humming bees, the delicious fruits- all cater to human senses. Beauty lies in the eyes of the be­holder on the earth, in the air, in the sky and in the ocean. His heart leaps up when he beholds a rainbow in the sky.

    Nature teaches man the lesson of peace, innocence, purity, love, harmony, simplic­ity, hope and faith in the glory of God. Wordsworth believes that nature is the great­est store-house of wisdom, apart from being a source of eternal happiness.

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    Trish89posted 5 years ago

    I agree. Whenever I'm feeling stressed I just go for a walk. Especially in the fall, I think nature is beautiful, so many warm colors.

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      Nixdushnnnposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That is true Trish89. Nature provides the best and we enjoy it in our day to day lives. smile
      Especially when stressed you feel relaxed when you explore nature.