The WDW Weekday Select Pass - First Time With It!

  1. talfonso profile image82
    talfonsoposted 4 years ago

    I bought a Weekday Select Pass from Walt Disney World's official website recently! (Yes, the official website!) I was so happy that I bought it - I chose monthly payment to pay for it.

    But unlimited access to all 4 Parks and park hopping Mondays to Fridays just scratch the surface. It has the same blockout dates as the Seasonal Pass but it was more inexpensive. That means LESS CROWDS! Except for perhaps October and January except New Years (it's blocked out too), I can deal with the notorious (but tourism economy-boosting) turismos less.

    I can stay for a half-day or even a full day at the Parks. It doesn't have to be one Park. I can go to Disney's Animal Kingdom in the morning, then take the bus to Epcot just for its International Food and Wine Festival for lunch.

    If you are a Florida resident, would you purchase a pass from the passholder program if given the chance? What would it be? If time and kids' (if you got any) school calendars allow, what would you buy or save up in terms of Park admission?