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    Visit to flower misty Yangzhou on March
    Yangzhou boasts the most prosperous city in ancient time. There is an old saying goes that “With a hundred thousand strings of coins wrapped around the waist, riding a
    crane down to Yangzhou.” The tradition continues to the present. Are you a rich man? Then come to enjoy the life in Yangzhou. “Flower misty March” in the poem refers to
    spring nowadays is the best time heading for Yangzhou.
    -An ancient city with tender view and mild climate is as beautiful as a Chinese ink painting.
    -Peach blossom along the Slender West Lake dances with spring breeze; will you feel like enter into “misty flower” poem?
    -Unique rare flower, symbolizing purity and elegance, will compete in splendor in this charming season.
    -Classical Chinese garden bearing graceful pavilions and various plants is waiting for your digging up their fantastic change.
    -Yangzhou dish will stimulate your sense of savor, while the pretty girls will definitely catch your sight.

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