Moving to Japan long-term.. any requests?

  1. nihongotraveler profile image80
    nihongotravelerposted 3 years ago

    So I'm moving to Japan next week for language school, and I'll be there for a couple years.

    I'm still new to Hubpages, so I hope I'm not asking this question in the wrong area, buuuut...

    Does anyone have any requests? I can't promise that I will fulfill them all, but I can certainly try and write about those experiences and what one might expect!

    Feel free to make requests here and I will fulfill them as I am able. Do you want to know about climbing one of Japan's mountains? Where to go in Osaka for Mexican food? (probably not going to find one XD)  How to properly slice a stand of bamboo with a dull katana? big_smile

    Let me know!