"Japan: 6 amazing mountains to climb under 1,000 meters"

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    Shogunposted 3 months ago

    I spend a lot of time just aimlessly browsing the Internet, and share some of the random neat things I stumble across. As I researched a story related to technology that will be on display during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan, I found my way to a rather neat little blog (after being distracted for a while, naturally). If you're into exploring – and will be in Japan – here are “6 amazing mountains to climb under 1,000 meters,” according to the GaijinPot.


    Here is the list that was compiled:

    Mount Misen (Hiroshima Prefecture)
    Mount Takao (Tokyo)
    Mount Maya (Kobe Prefecture)
    Mount Homan (Fukuoka Prefecture)
    Mount Hiei (Kyoto Prefecture)
    Mount Kaimon (Kagoshima Prefecture)

    Seemed like a random niche activity for travelers, especially with so many things to see and experience in Japan, but.... you're welcome. tongue