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How is Germany different from the US?

  1. Haunty profile image82
    Hauntyposted 8 years ago

    How is Germany different from the US?

  2. CreateYourDestiny profile image54
    CreateYourDestinyposted 8 years ago

    Germany is completely different from  the US, from its ancient architectural layouts, dynamically polarized  communities, to the politically conscious  people , even studying Deustchland (Germany) from an etnographical notation, the differences between the two are just overly numerous and at the same time enticing of further travel, a few of the things I noticed as all travelers is the differences in music, the healthcare system, foods, language, and lack of bathing everyday( was striking!!)
           The music that streamed in from the USA , that you hear in local pubs, bars, etc, were outdated, I truly believed that Germany was 5-10 years behind when it comes to hearing the newer music selections.
            The universal healthcare that Germany participates in  is better when compared to America, there isn't long waits to see doctors, moreover, most of the time the doctors are availiable via telephone, which is great! However, I believe that Germans pay around 7-10% of their total gross to health care, which is somewhat pricey but it is worth it as long as doctors are accessible. Which is a major plus!!
    On another hand, once you get over the language barrier, foreign smells, foods, and truly emerged yourself into the German culture, it can be quite liveable as well as enjoyable. Plenty to do, beautiful countryside( castles, overrall landscape), the people are generally friendly and as curious about you (America) as you are about them ,and believe it or not, there were plenty of Americans around due to the American military bases !
    But the coolest thing of them all!! Buying Beer at McDonald's!! You can't go wrong with that!!

  3. hejustme0610 profile image52
    hejustme0610posted 8 years ago

    well germany has there way of dress code,languge(dou'gh is german) and a different belife in whats going to happen

  4. BeBrown profile image70
    BeBrownposted 8 years ago

    CreateYourDestiny has summed it up nicely.  One of the main differences is that architecture, the old Castles and cathedrals.

  5. GGtimeshares profile image60
    GGtimesharesposted 7 years ago

    Well for me it is the culture and tourist of attractions that makes Germany different from US.