One can stop the timeshare payment, cutting their losses?

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    roxibeloposted 7 years ago

    One can stop the timeshare payment, cutting their losses?

    During our family vacation in Mexico, we attended for the first time a timeshare presentation and we were pressured into signing the contract (Aug 15th). We already made a down payment of $7800 and we have a remaining balance of $14000. We realize that we made a big mistake, and we want to reverse the payment with the credit card company. Let's say that we do not succeed. Can  we just do not pay the rest of 14,000? What we can do to get out of this?Please, any advice would help us.How can we cancel, and reverse the payment. From what I read, we already missed the 5 days for rescinding.

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    time sharingposted 7 years ago

    Yes of course.
    Timeshares follow exactly the same rules as full property in terms of contracts and credits.
    If you stop paying, what will happen is that ultimately, you will lose your timeshare.
    In reality, after the first missed payment you can be ready to be literally harassed by the company's collection company : in your case simply ignore them completely until that, after maybe 6 to 24 month, your timeshare company begin the foreclosure procedure.
    You have to understand that they will try everything they can for this not to happen because it would mean that they have to pay some fees because they will be the legal owners of the property in question ! (that way, you will at least succeed in making them spend money for nothing... a bit like they made you do).
    Hope this helps.

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    P T Sposted 7 years ago

    Hello roxibelo, sorry you didn't get more responses to your question sooner. I'd love to hear the update on where you are at with your unwanted timeshare.

    We help timeshare owners get out of their timeshare contracts and even though every story is unique, they all follow the main theme of people getting scammed into something they ultimately don't want. The contracts are pretty iron clad so like "time sharing" mentioned in a previous response, you can foreclose... But there may be another option so if want to try to avoid getting that on your credit report, feel free to visit us online and fill out our free consultation form at