Share your craziest vacation story!

  1. NaomiR profile image88
    NaomiRposted 8 years ago

    What's the strangest thing to happen to you on a trip?

    For me, it had to be when my family visited Egypt in 1984. I can probably write a book on my adventures there. But one is when we wanted to go for a camel ride in Cairo. My dad went out by himself earlier in the day while my mother and I got dinner. A vendor offered him a camel ride and he accepted; then vendor then offered to take my dad's photo while my dad rode. My dad accepted — which probably wasn't a great idea — and the vendor hit the camel with a stick; pretty soon, the animal galloped away with my dad on it. Happily, he wasn't hurt and a very nice photo was indeed taken. My dad then promised the guy that he'd bring us to him for a camel ride.

    Well, sure enough, he was waiting for us that evening. We got on and my dad made him promise he wouldn't make the camel run with me on it since I was only a child at the time. He didn't, but he did lead us into the desert, past the pyramids — and then wouldn't let us get off! The camel just kept walking and walking, further into the desert and we were getting nervous. Finally, he turned us back around, but it was getting rather scary there for a while.

    It was definitely an interesting way to enjoy our first night in Egypt.

    1. LeonJane profile image87
      LeonJaneposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you NaomiR, Egypt is one of the craziest places to travel to and strange things happen there. (I've dedicated a hub on my experience there). It seems like the camel ride thing has been happening for many years.

      Another strange thing happened to us in Florence, Italy when we were lining up to enter The Cathedral of Saint Maria del Fiore. Apart from an American couple lining up behind us, asking if "we spoke Americana" (which I didn't know was its own language) and asking, "what this line up was for?”, we had a crazy and disgusting experience.

      There was an old lady gypsy/beggar sitting on the stairs of the main entrance, you couldn't avoid her when lining up. When we approached her, she was furiously scratching her private parts below her skirt! Gross! But even more disgusting was she whipped her dirty hand out straight away, extended that same hand out to us and asked for money!

      We turned around and a mother lining up infront of us shielded her child’s eyes. It was gross.

      There are many strange things in Europe, but that was one that still sticks in our mind.