What is your most memorable 'smile' story from travelling?

  1. mattdeleo profile image60
    mattdeleoposted 7 years ago

    What is your most memorable 'smile' story from travelling?

    I'm talking specifically from a cultural interaction you've had abroad.

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    itsameanoldsceneposted 7 years ago

    I was flying from Ibiza in the Mediterranean to Barcelona on the Spanish mainly eventually then flying to Geneva in Switzerland then on to work in Megeve in the French Alps.

    On the flight to Barcelona the journey was horrendous as we were nearing the airport, when I was able to see out of the window through the driving rain I could see a ring of lightning surrounding the airport.

    I was sat next to a young Spanish lady & I could tell she was quite distressed with all the turbulence - she grabbed the top of my hand & squeezed & squeezed obvious totally oblivious she was squeezing my hand, okay I could deal with that but when she dug her long nails in my eyes so watered, I know I should have pulled my hand away but in a way it must have kind of help the poor girl.

    When we landed it dawned to her that she was grasping my now red raw hand & she could not apologize more...after I said there was no need to apologize we had a good laugh about it to the extent she bought me a coffee in the airport before we parted company & we probably will never meet again....it would be amazing if she blogged this on here from her point of view but I doubt that, because when we are embarrassed about something we have done we tend to try forget it as soon as possible...& she probably has.