Describe any life-changing journey you have embarked upon.

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    sanded28posted 3 years ago

    Describe any life-changing journey you have embarked upon.

    Share with us any incident that might have happened during the journey that; or the people you might have met who left a lasting impact in your life.

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    Dave36posted 3 years ago

    Well Iv'e worked in nearly 40 countries, & met & worked with thousands of people over 20 years or so..Iv'e seen the lot believe me & the place that definitely changed my view of the world was Bombay City, where i saw every description of a poor person you could imagine..You can name any physical disablement a person could have, & i saw a person/persons who had said ailment etc..That's when i started to ask big questions about life itself, & why it didn't seem to be a fair game etc..The one big thing that changed my life believe it or not was when i learn't how to mindful meditate, & started to gain back control of my mind..That if you get into it will change your whole world view, & how you see yourself..Most people think there their mind, & so go along with the collective minds..Mindful meditating opens doors in your mind, that governments & society etc have been trying to close all your life..So I'm on the best journey Iv'e ever been on, as i go deep inside my own mind, & the best part is it's free..It's really great I'm on a journey inwards, with no excess baggage at all, excess baggage being our mind!lol