Hiring an RV in USA (Death Valley area)

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    Kate UKposted 4 months ago

    Hiring an RV in USA (Death Valley area)

    Hi everyone, we are seasoned camper vanners throughout the UK and Europe often going for months off the beaten track but would like to extend our adventures to the USA.  We are very interested in exploring the Death Valley area and beyond this early Nov for a 12 to 14 day period.  We would love to do this in an RV/camper but it appears to be an absolute minefield when trying to find a fair and reliable RV/Campervan hire company.  As we are coming a long way with a limited time in the USA we would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom or feedback from the skysaboveus community. Thank you Kate

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    MomsTreasureChestposted 3 months ago

    For rv rentals you could try gorving.com or cruiseamerica.com.  Both companies have multiple pickup and drop off locations throughout the USA.