Go south to the land of milk , meat honey and blueberries

  1. Dennis Pace profile image60
    Dennis Paceposted 7 years ago

    Before we left for Argentina, in 2006, I wanted to learn about this So american country.   WE NATURALLY WONDERED WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE. I tried to find out a little about this little talked about country. Several days latter, after researching about the communities near where we would be living, I happily concluded, that there was at least [Meat was a given] milk and honey and vegetables near our town. At least we would not starve. Well, upon arrival at Runciman [an Estancia in the pampas} I was very surprised to learn how much I had under estimated the country. There was literally an Over abundance. There were several dairies near by, Several cheese plants [One across the street],Bee Hives every where, of course beef, and the fattest doubled breasted chickens you ever laid eyes on. A land flowing with Milk and honey and blueberries! I love Fruit, of which there were all kinds. Besides all the above and much much more [tangerines peaches grapes, necterins, pomagranets ]the main crops are Soybeans, corn and wheat. And it gets even better. The best news : Everything is very inexpensive. And on top of all that the people are absolutly kind and loving and not proud. As I write this it is spring there and did I mention the Flowers. There are flowering trees and shrubs every where. and in my mind the question: why am I still in this frozen wasteland? coming into winter here in the US, Outside sagebrush, ice and snow. What about the economy there? isnt the whole world in a depression? Not in the land southward. Recent news headlines: Booming South American farm commodity exports to China . South America‚Äôs Commodities Boom: Developmental Opportunity . Peru; So Americas boom economy. So. and central america set for Auto boom. Building boom hits South america. Argentinas Hotel building boom. Brazil an economic Powerhouse. What I saw with my own eyes: Train loads after train loads of Grain, Barrels of Honey, Storage rooms full of cheese, Tons of Blue berries for export, Hog, dairy. and chicken farms every where. Instead of, go west young man, I say go South. To the land Flowing with abundance. What are we waiting for? Vamous!


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