Best Transportation During the 405 Closure

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    michelleadposted 6 years ago

    Best Transportation During the 405 Closure

    The 405 is closing July 15-18, to begin construction on the Mulholland Bridge. This project is going to result in extra traffic all through Los Angeles. Don’t be scared of the traffic just be prepared. CARmageddon is in full effect Here’s a list of the best ways for transportation: Prime Time Shuttle, Go Sedan, Metrolink, and Metro buses.

    Prime Time Shuttle:
    Prime Time Shuttle is offering half off deals during CARmageddon.If you live in the San Fernando Valley, on July 16 & 17, Prime Time will take you to or from Los Angeles International Airport — between your terminal and your door — for just $20. Prime Time Shuttle is the best shuttle choice for transportation during CARmageddon.

    Go Sedan
    Go Sedan assists with luxury transportation. They are half the price of a taxi and offer high end vehicles. If your in need of a ride, you might as well ride first class.

    The Metrolink assists all around Southern California. To avoid the CARmageddon traffic, ride the Metro Train. The Metrolink provides a full day of rides, from early morning to night. And, if you need a ride from the Metrolink Station, Prime Time Shuttle is still a top choice.

    Metro Bus
    The Los Angeles Metro line is offering special offers during CARmageddon weekend. They are providing extra service and free rides for certain lines. To get the full info check out their homepage.