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La Hola Beto's El Salvador

Updated on July 8, 2014

Visit La Hola Beto's Bar in El Sunzal, El Salvador.

La Hola Betos, or just Beto's to the locals, is a contemporary bar and restaurant, situated on the rocks above the crashing Pacific Ocean in Sunzal, El Salvador.

I live in San Salvador, and it is a treat on a Friday afternoon to get into the car after work and make the forty minute drive to La Hola Beto's. The drive takes us out through the suburbs of the sprawling capital, then we make the descent down the side of the volcano, passing through villages selling hand crafted wooden furniture. Eventually we reach sea level, in the thriving fishing port of La Libertad, where the roadside sales changes from furniture to plastic beach inflatables and freshly caught fish, speared onto sticks and proudly displayed.

We take a right turn, and follow the coast road, leaving the clutter of La Libertad behind, and passing through the surf resorts that are popular along this stretch of coast.....Punta Roco, San Blas, El Tunco, and finally 9 km's later, El Sunzal and our chosen hot- spot, Beto's.

Please join us as we order an ice cold beer, sample some local bocas ( snacks) and drink in the delightful view of the Pacific Ocean in El Salvador.

Photo Credit: Casa Cicak

Finding Beto's.... - Beto's is just where the "2" is on the map!

A marker -
Sol y mar el salvador
get directions

5 reasons why La Hola Beto's in Sunzal, El Salvador, is worth visiting

1.Excellent Service

Photo Credit: Casa Cicak 2013

The excellent service begins the moment that your car pulls into the car park. There is limited undercover parking, with further parking at the side of the road. You will be guided to an empty space, and you will be assisted as you leave your car.

When you enter La Hola Beto's there is an excellent choice of seating, both inside and out. Inside is upstairs, and gives you excellent views without the worry of inclement weather during the wet season. Outside provides jumbo umbrellas to keep you sheltered from either the tropical sun or unexpected showers.

A waiter will guide you to the table of your choice, and provide you with the menu so that you can decide how best to quench your thirst or satisfy your appetite, and will check on you regularly in case you need anything else.

2. Ice cold beer

Photo Credit: Casa Cicak 2013

There is nothing nicer ( in our opinion) than an ice cold beer on a hot and steamy aftenoon.

When we left the UK my husband was a lover of real ale. He still is, but four years of living in the tropics, where real ales are few and far between and by and large very expensive, has made him come to appreciate an ice cold lager.

In El Salvador our cerveza (beer) of choice is the local Pilsener, which my husband describes as "cold, refreshing, yet almost flavourless" Don't be fooled by this thin veil of distaste, as I can assure you that they slide down his throat very easily on a Friday afternoon.

3. Delicious Food

Photo Credit: Casa Cicak 2013

La Hola Beto's serve delicious seafood, as you would hope an ocean side cafe would.

The last time we went we both had fish and it was exquisite. This time we decided to order a snack and eat at home later.

We ordered a mixed platter to share, and for $10 (plus tax) we got whitebait, cheese, cerviche, seafood, quails eggs, stuffed jalepeños with yucca and shrimp balls, served on a bed of lettuce. We also ordered some curly fries to accompany them, and there was plenty for three or four people to share.

4. A stunning view of the Pacific Ocean

Photo Credit: Casa Cicak 2013

We are at the start of the rainy season, and although the skies were overcast and cloudy, the lack of blue skies did not detract from the magical sound of the powerful waves crashing onto the rocks.

It is amazing to think that as you sit and stare at the waves, there are thousands of miles of ocean, spreading all the way to Asia. It is hardly surprising then that the waves are so powerful by the time they break onto the shore.

5. Comic Value - and a new infinity pool (with accomodation)

Photo Credit: Casa Cicak 2013

While we were sitting in comfort, drinking and eating, we glanced over the railings and downwards......and to our surprise and horror there was a workman, busy working on a new part of the building.....dangling over a precipitous drop to the ocean!

No Health and Safety issues, no scaffolding or protective harnessing......just a head for heights, a good sense of balance and nerves of steel!

This new addition was made into an infinity pool for exclusive use by people staying in the accommodation that was added under the bar area. If you take a look at Trip Advisor you can see just how stunning it is.

I hope you enjoyed sharing our Friday afternoon at

La Hola Beto's, Sunzal, El Salvador?

Please come and visit soon!

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Have I inspired you to Visit Hola Beto's in El Salvador?

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    • SgtCecil profile image

      Cecil Kenmill 5 years ago from Osaka, Japan

      This lens is awesome! Map, images, vids. It's all there. Great work!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm from El Salvador and I'm really glad you like it :)

    • Musicalcroc LM profile image

      Musicalcroc LM 5 years ago

      Nice introduction. And the food looks delicious!