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Living the Winnebago life

Updated on March 13, 2016
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Travelling around Australia for the last fifty plus years, Jan T Baillie can tell you of some of her favourite places to visit.

Our new lifestyle is a far cry from our previous way of life

We are now living full-time in our Winnebago Eyre, a small RV or motorhome.

Bought brand new in late September, we have travelled more than 5000 km around central and southern New South Wales, and we are having a ball.

Here we are camped in Goulburn South Caravan Park. See the doggies' mobile home beside the door?

Our old home
Our old home

Alternative lifestyle

for we older persons

We have always lived in a house all our adult lives, but through a set of not very nice circumstances we are now living in a motorhome permanently.

You can read about what happened on my blog

We sold our country home at Rylstone.


We had to trade our Winnebago and now we live in a little piece of paradise, Cudgegong Waters Park, near Mudgee, New South Wales.

What next?

Getting ready

After trading our little A-liner caravan in on the new RV, we proceeded to find out what a change in our lifestyle would mean.

There are many ways to downsize, and we think that we've tried them all now. Our new lifestyle means camping on the side of the road, albeit in luxury, or in caravan and tourist parks.

We have our two little dogs with us, so even caravan parks can be a problem for us, as dogs are not always welcome.

Storing our possessions

was going to be expensive, so...

... we started to give away many of the things we had accumulated over the last forty or so years.

The local patchworkers were thrilled to have a great portion of my studio contents — fabrics and books, and other odds and ends.

Vinnies were gleefully thankful for our many, many visits with load after load of goodies.

The original quote was for 67cubic metres, and when we finished we had just 43 cubic metres.

What a process!

Deciding what to take for a new way of life

in a motorhome is not easy

Delete, delete, delete...

It's all just stuff, you know!

When you go on a holiday, you can make do without odds and ends that you forgot to pack, but when the vehicle is your home, you must have the things that you need to make life liveable.

Figure out what we absolutely must have - in the way of supplies and equipment

(not too many, there's not much space)

  • Kitchen utensils, pots and pans
  • Crockery, cutlery, glasses
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Small appliances
  • Broom, mop, dusters, bucket, etcetera
  • Sheets, pillowcases, towels, tea towels, pillows, quilts
  • Clothes for warm weather
  • Clothes for cold weather
  • Shoes, thongs, scuffs
  • Wet weather gear

We also needed - entertainment items

for long cold days and nights, and places where we have no electricity

  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Playing cards
  • Board games
  • Art supplies for me
  • Saxophone and music for Bob
  • Tri-ominos

Playing triangle dominos is great fun and we love to get the tin out when guests come, or we are staying somewhere where there is no television reception in the Winnebago.

Bob's grandson had never played dominos, triangular or otherwise. His thing is video games, of course, so he was less than enthusiastic at first. He watched the adults play one game and decided to try. He was hooked! Every time we sat down, he asked if we could play a game.

Sometimes the non-computerised games win!

Deluxe Tri-Ominos (In Triangular Tin)
Deluxe Tri-Ominos (In Triangular Tin)

Ours are in a long tin, but these look so neat.


Important items - in case of emergency

  • Jumper leads (special type for new computerised motors)
  • Toolbox with spanners, screwdrivers, multigrips, shifter, sockets, WD40, hose clamps, hammer, assorted fuses
  • Tarp or similar for lying on when under-vehicle repairs are needed
  • Gaffer tape for running repairs
  • Air compressor for tyre inflation
  • Hoses, and spare fittings for different sized taps in campsites
  • Floor for under the awning and anti-flapper devices
  • Wheel chocks for hilly ground
  • All purpose water filter for drinking water hose
  • An amphibian electricity connector for when you visit the family

The view outside our window - on our first free camping night

Lovely view
Lovely view

Bob having his breakfast - at our first official free campsite

Bab having his first free camping breakfast
Bab having his first free camping breakfast

We bought a generator

to supplement our power supplies

We had solar panels added to our roof when we bought the motorhome, but sometimes it's raining or cloudy for days, so...

Bob chats to everyone wherever we camp, and after talking to a chap on the banks of the Murray River in New South Wales, he decided that it would be prudent to buy a generator.

A lovely dealer in Wagga Wagga organised for us to get one at Temora (the next town) because he had no stock. Country people are very obliging, aren't they?

Researching online led me to a small Honda 'whisper quiet' generator.

Small whisper quiet generator - Buy yours from Amazon

Do you think you'd like to leave the 'rat race' behind - and live in a motorhome?

Our Winnebago
Our Winnebago

Would you give it a try?

See results

© 2012 Jan T Urquhart Baillie

Have you tried an alternative way of living? - Why not tell us about it?

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    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 13 months ago from East Coast

      I can't believe there are no comments on this Hub. I have always dreamed about living in an RV for a year when my kids are grown. Your RV is beautiful. I wish you and your husband many priceless memories.