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Lloret de Mar - Costa Brava

Updated on September 27, 2019
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Diane is a part-time article writer. Retired but still enjoying writing, she writes on various subjects from her home in Spain.

Lloret de Mar, Girona

Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava is a great place for holidays; there is so much to see and do in and around the town, and a terrific nightlife.

Even those parks and places of interest which are outside walking distance, generally have free buses laid on, and if not the local buses are extremely cheap.

I have lived in this town for more than 40 years, and I'm still not bored with it. I am among hundreds of expats who choose to live out here, but it is also a great place for vacation.

The very attractive, palm tree lined seafront leads down to a long, wide beach of shingle sand, (great as it doesn't get into your hair and clothes like fine sand).

The sea is clean and clear, and at each end of the bay, an array of rugged rocks provide fabulous conditions for snorkelling.

Lloret de Mar Costa Brava

Clear blue sea
Clear blue sea


Starting with the seafront, right there on the front of Lloret de Mar, in the Centre Comercial Verdaguer, you will find the Maritime Museum.

This is a museum dedicated to boats, and all things connected to boats and the sea. The only one of it's kind on the Costa Brava.

As well as a vast display of models, you can see actual fishing boats and a lot of sea related exhibits.

Out from the 'back' of Lloret towards the beautiful mountains behind; Roca Grossa, there is a trail for biking or walking, (or a bus) which leads to Roman ruins. Called 'Torre Sepulcral Avellaners Can Sala' the ruins date back to the 2nd century, it was not discovered until 1891. It is a tower with a Roman necropolis, or incinerator tombs, around it.

Going on further through the Urbanisation of Roca Grossa, about 2 miles further up, there is also an old Iberian settlement. The settlement was inhabited during a very specific period, 250 to 210 BC.

Called 'Poblado Iberico de Puig Castellet' it is difficult to find, but you can get there on a tourist bus.

Sta Clotilde Gardens
Sta Clotilde Gardens

Santa Clotilde Gardens

Not far from Lloret, just along the coast, within walking distance for the fit amongst us, you will find the beautiful Sta Clotilde Gardens. This is a beautiful landscaped garden, in an incredible clifftop setting, with breathtaking views over the sea, and the rugged sight of the Costa Brava.

The gardens were designed in the manner of the Italian Renaissance, by Nicolau Rubio i Tuduri , when only 28 years old; showing immense admiration for his master and inspiration, Forestier.

Forestier taught Spanish Arabic style, mixed with French, as he used on the Montjuic gardens, Barcelona. Nicolau here though, preferred to use the spirit of the Italian Renaissance.

Botanical Gardens

Further out on the main road nearer to Blanes, the fishing port, are the botanical Gardens. Founded in the 1920s, by a German industrialist, Karl Faust, on the site of an earlier garden, these beautiful botanical Gardens are home to some 4000 species of plants.

They are all arranged in themes, and there is also a subtropical garden. You can see wonderful selections of bamboo groves, cacti, olives, palms and cypresses.

Built on a headland, it commands beautiful, breathtaking views of the sea and the coastline.

Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

An activity being promoted vigorously in Lloret de Mar, Girona, is Nordic walking.

Nordic walking is the same as taking a normal daily stroll, but using specially designed poles, aimed at improving muscle, the cardiovascular system, coordination and mobility. The walking can be combined with a series of exercises to help power or muscle elasticity depending on the individual's physical level.

This project, forming part of the Lloret nature programme and musical sports service, claims the following goals: to raise awareness of Nordic walking among the population as well as tourists, emphasising health benefits, and enable walkers to discover the beautiful natural settings, and to add a new outdoor activity as an aid to discovering the interesting trails and coastal paths of the Costa Brava. Also hoping for Lloret to become known as a Nordic walking destination for the growing number of enthusiasts from all over Europe.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a popular pastime around the province of Girona and the Costa Brava, with centres in Lloret de Mar, Tossa, Estartit, L'Escala, among others.

The Costa Brava offers some of the best diving in Spain, with an abundance of interesting sites along the rugged coastline (Costa Brava means rugged coast) Divers with all levels of training and experience will find something to interest them.

Water temperature varies from 13° in the winter to 24 in the summer, so divers can enjoy their sport all year round, provided the northerly tramuntana wind doesn't put in an appearance: icy winds from the Pyrenees which can gust at well over 100 km an hour. Some dive centres operate all year round, but of course in winter there are occasions when weather will not permit.

Highlights of diving off the Costa brava include the submarine nature reserves of the medas Islands, and the Cap de Creus natural park, as well as a number of dive sites over wrecked ships. Diving excursions are available, as are diving lessons.


The Costa Brava and Girona area is also famous for its wonderful golf courses. There are 11 full 18 hole courses. Nine championship courses, and several nine hole pitch and putt.

PGA championship golf is played here, in the PGA golf de Catalunya.

The professional courses are

PGA golf de Catalunya

Golf Serres de Pals

Golf Platja Pals

Golf Girona

Club de Golf D'Aro-Mas Nou

Club de Golf Costa Brava

Empodà Golf

Golf Club Perelada

Torremirona Golf Club

Health Spas

In Lloret de Mar, and close by, are several spas and water treatment centres, as there are many natural springs in the surrounding countryside.

In Fenals, Lloret de Mar, you will find the Gem wellness and spa centre. 1600 m² over two floors, it includes a medical equipment specialist, dietician and nutritionist.

It has physio electrotherapy, ultrasound, spinal traction, Massage, and pressure therapy.

Aerosol therapy: inhalation and steam baths

Rejuvenating beauty treatments for face and body.

Balneotherapy Unit, with therapeutic baths, underwater massage, seaweed wraps, seaweed baths, essential oil baths, dynamic pool, mud treatments, Scottish shower and Saunas.

Caldes de Malavella

As well as being a natural hot spring when you can collect natural spring water from natures own 'taps' is also the site of a beautiful spa treatment centre

The Renaissance and Art Nouveau style resort is in the centre of Caldes de la Selva, with good views of the town, and surrounded by a lovely park with woods and gardens.

It is easily reached, within 30 km of any of the main tourist resorts on the Costa Brava.

The characteristics of the spas: hyperthermic, bicarbonated, sodium rich, mineral rich, and a 60° c temperature.

Therapeutic indications: rheumatism, arthritis, circulation, respiratory tracts, digestive tracts, health treatments, beauty treatments, stress.

Technical: thermal pool, hydro massage, massage, Jacuzzi, pressure shower, Massage shower, foot reflexology, inhalations, obesity treatments, facial and body aesthetics, sauna, treatments with clay, mud and myrrh, and UVA

Gnome Park And Tree Adventure

Also in Fenals, Lloret, out on the main road, you will find an adventure fun park. Called 'Gnome Park And Tree Adventure' it has all kinds of activities, where you can swing from the trees monkey style, climb rope ladders, and grope your way across rope bridges.

There are various circuits with different levels of difficulty, aimed for young and old alike. There are 85 games, and different circuits, of assorted duration.

All health and safety regulations are strictly adhered to, and all materials certified and under strict security control, so you can enjoy yourselves with peace of mind.

Once you arrive in the park there are monitors who will receive you and prepare you with all the necessary materials; harnesses etc, and will give you a brief explanation, both visual and practical.

There is a gnome park for the little ones, as well as minigolf, children's swimming pool, mini bowling, kart track, and restaurant.

The park is open every weekend all year round, and from 24th June to 14th September, every day. It is possible to make reservations.

Timetable in summer, 11:00 to 22:00

In winter, 11:00 to 20:00


Port Aventura

When you feel like venturing a little further away, you can take a day trip, or 2-3 days maybe, to Port Aventura.

This is a major theme park, owned by universal studios, which has its own in-resort hotels. If you choose to stay at one of these hotels, you have entrance to the park included in the price of your stay.

Called 'Port Aventura World' it is one of Spain's largest amusement parks, consisting of three main areas: the Port Aventura Theme Park, the Caribbean Aquatic Theme Park, and a multi-hotel community.

The first, Port Aventura Theme Park,is split up into themed areas; such as Polynesia, China, Mexico, & the Far West. Within these zones are an extensive range of rollercoasters & other white knuckle rides, dance shows, music shows, & virtual reality rides. There are also many rides suitable for the little ones, characters (like Woody the Woodpecker, Popeye, & the Pink Panther), plus childrens shows dotted around the park.

The Caribe Aquatic Water Park boasts extensive indoor & outdoor areas. The main attractions here are the water slides/swimming pools, & with its indoor area the weather cannot spoil the fun. There are also a good collection of infant-junior activities present, from designated swimming pools & slides, to climbing frames & games.

There are three main restaurants, a collection of snack bars and cafes and fast food outlets, as well as ice cream stalls and sweet shops.

The resort is located on the Costa Dorada, just south of Tarragona.

If you don't have a rented car, there are bus trips and excursions available. It is approximately 3 hours drive from Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava.

There you have several suggestions for things to do and see, in and around Lloret.

The nightlife here speaks for itself, the town is crammed full of restaurants bars and nightclubs. Including the famous British pub, the Queen Vic, a great place to go to party.

You can eat, drink and dance somewhere different every night of a two-week holiday, and still leave with places unseen.

Of course the town also boasts the only Casino in the area; Gran Casino Royal Lloret de Mar is one of only three casinos in this part of Spain. It has the full compliment of card games and roulettes, et all, as well as a slot machine area. The casino also has a gourmet restaurant, one of the finest on the coast.

Fun for all the family
Fun for all the family | Source

More Theme Parks


Not so far outside Lloret de Mar, again within walking distance for those who are fit, although it would take about 15 minutes, and there is a free bus so why bother!

Waterworld has a variety of huge slides and water attractions, in varying degrees of excitement, for the very brave, down to the very nervous. There are also gentle things for the children, and kiddie pools. There is also bungee jumping for the very brave among you. Equipped with several snack bars, cafes and restaurant, a great place to spend a full day, fun for all the family!


Marineland Catalunya is both a Marine zoo and a water park in one, plus an excellent dolphinarium.

One of the best water parks in the area, including a selection of slides and rides, amongst which is the new Boomerang (an exclusive design to this park).

The Marine zoo hosts 114 animals and fish, from over 30 different species.

Continuous shows during the day feature dolphins, sea lions, and parrots. One of the special features of the park is the dolphin encounter, where you can get down amongst nature yourself.

The Mare Nostrum restaurant, located next to the new aviary, and several snack bars and cafes, will meet your every need.

Marineland is located near the town of Palafolls on the Costa Brava, and there are free buses laid on for most of the nearby resorts, including Lloret de Mar.


There is a Go-Kart track just outside Lloret de Mar, near Waterworld, which also provides free transport to and from.

Another Go-Kart track is just outside Blanes.

The free buses, to all these attractions that offer them, pick up from the main bus terminal in Lloret, and a couple of stops along the way.

With so much to see and do, you will never be bored in Lloret de Mar!

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In this area, it's not at all necessary to be able to speak Spanish. Being a tourist area, almost everyone in the hospitality business is required to speak at least English, often several languages. The official language here is Catalan, a very different language to castellano, or regular Spanish. Of course, like anywhere else, the ability to converse in the native language is always helpful.

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