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motel 6 is possibly the best place to stay

Updated on September 8, 2009

What is Motel 6

 Motel 6 is a popular motel chain located in the United States. You can find one of these great motels in almost every single state that you can think of. This motel chain also allows children to stay free. Motel 6 also allows one pet animal per room that you book.

Motel 6 has some of the best rooms available for the best prices. You can count on a getting a quiet night's rest if you stay at one of their motels. When you book a room at this motel chain the give you free HBO and ESPN. If that is not enough than maybe the morning coffee will make you want to stay. Usually there is a vending machine and a washer and dryer located at the motel 6.

Motel 6 is not only in America but also located in many parts of Canada as well. So whether you want to travel to the east, west, north or south in America or somewhere in Canada chances are you will be able to book a room at a motel 6.

So now you are probably wondering how much does it cost to stay at a motel 6? Well as you can imagine the prices can vary but from many peoples' experiences you can expect to pay around $50 a night to stay at a motel six. That's right, it will cost you around $50 a night to stay at a motel 6, usually. This is not expensive compare to other mote/hotel chains.

You can even own a motel 6

If you have always wanted to start a business than why not look into starting a franchise business and open up your very own motel 6? Getting your own motel six can be expensive because you are in-fact launching your very own small business but it can be worth it and you may be able to make a decent profit. So what are the advantages of running your very own Motel 6?

If you decide to run your very own motel 6 you may or may not have experience running a lodging business. If you do not have experience than motel 6 provides ongoing training for you. When you run a motel 6 you also have national advertising and powerful marketing support backing you.

If you would like to look into running your very own motel 6 than you should go and visit their website and request information on how to run your very own motel. You might be surprised at what kind of opportunity awaits you. If you have ever wanted to run a business than maybe running your own motel 6 is for you.

Motel 6 commercial


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