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Moving Out of State: Checklist & Guide

Updated on October 16, 2015

Moving Out of State Made Easy!

This lens is to help anyone who is moving out of state avoid potential pitfalls on their journey that can easily be avoided.

I have moved out of state many times and there are always recurring situations and questions that arise. This lens should help clear up a lot of those type of questions you might have and hopefully give you more knowledge than you came here with about the moving industry and the process of moving to another state. I hope you like it. Make sure to leave a comment on my guestbook if it helped you!

Moving Out of State Inventory
Moving Out of State Inventory

Step 1: Make An Inventory!

Moving Out Of State Checklist Step 1

One of the things that you have to prepare is the inventory of all your items. This includes your furniture, appliances and other household as well as personal stuff. Sort them out and identify which of the items you will bring with you in your new place. It will be best if you bring only the essentials. You also have to consider the size of your new place to see if everything that you are planning to bring will fit in. Also, pack your fragile items separately.

Afterwards, you can get rid of the excess items. You can give them to your family or your friends. Donating them to charity is also an option. But if you are in need of money, you can put up a garage sale so you can even make profit out of your old items.

Call Your Family
Call Your Family

Step 2: Get In Touch With Your Family!

Moving Out Of State Checklist Step 2

You also have to make sure that you brief your family about your moving schedule. Tell them when and where exactly you will move. Give them the exact address as well as your estimated day and time of arrival. Then once you have arrived in your new location, make sure that you contact them and tell them that you are safe and ready to settle in.

This is a security measure. When you have not called your family that you have arrived at your estimated day of arrival, they will then contact the authorities and do something about the situation.

Get Free Moving Quotes!
Get Free Moving Quotes!

Step 3: Contact A Moving Company

Moving Out Of State Checklist Step 3

Some people would like to do the moving out by themselves. But it would be a lot easier and more convenient if you just hire the services of a professional state-to-state moving company. They will take care of your belongings and handle the actual transportation of your items. You can even hire movers to transport your vehicles if you have more than one.

Before you seal the deal with any moving company, it would be best if you read reviews, ask for references and referrals first. It is important to know the track record and reputation of your moving company to make sure that you and your belongings are in safe hands. If you have family or friends who have moved out of state as well, ask them for referrals.

If you are worried about the price, there are many places you can compare moving quotes online. Check out my recommended movers for moving out of state below!

Recommended Movers - Get Free Moving Quotes Online From Professional, Licensed State To State Moving Companies

There are a ton of moving companies in the USA and I wish I could say that they were all reputable and competent, but unfortunately that's not the case. There are actually a lot of shady, unlicensed moving companies who pose as real moving companies to prey on unsuspecting people browsing for a quality moving company in their area. To avoid this problem., I've made a list of a few great websites where you can compare free quotes from reputable, professional moving companies in your area who can take care of your move out of state!

Rental Trucks For Moving Out Of State

Here's the three most trusted and established truck rental companies in the USA. If you are moving yourself out of state and are needing to rent a truck, make sure to compare prices from all 3 companies. This way you can guarantee the cheapest rates possible...and don't be afraid to make them compete!

Power & Utilities
Power & Utilities

Step 4: Contact the Utilities Companies

Moving Out Of State Step 4

Lastly, you will have to contact the utility companies in your current residence and have their services cut on the day that you are moving out. In the same manner, you should also contact the utility companies in your new location to hire their services. It is best to do this four weeks before you move out.

Last But Not Least!

Make sure to notify the postal service of your change of address and setup mail forwarding so that you will receive any mail currently in transit. Take one final walk-through and look for anything you might possibly be forgetting. If all looks well, then its time to get in the car and head to your new home!

I hope some people are able to find this lens useful when preparing for an out of state move, and I wish you all the best of luck!

Moving Checklist & Timeline by Atlas

Moving Supplies & Resources - Make the cost of packing much less by ordering supplies online!

Buy moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and more online to make sure everything is packed and secured for your move.

And You're Off! - Soon You Will Be In Your New Home, In A New State!

Moved Out
Moved Out

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    • profile image

      MyTopMover 5 years ago

      Quite an useful for anyone prepare moving. I especially liked the part 3 of your list because it can be really tricky to find out a good moving company :)

    • profile image

      efrugalliving 5 years ago

      Starving Students, Inc. has performed high quality local moves and long distance moves for over 38 years. We offer high quality residential moves as well as commercial moving at industry low prices. Call one of our 33 locations throughout California, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Washington State, and the District of Columbia for your local or national move.

    • Anime-e profile image

      Anime-e 5 years ago

      Moving out of state is a huge step so getting prepared is very important!

    • profile image

      jaebonemusic 5 years ago

      great lens, I referenced this moving checklist when I moved from Washington, DC to Phoenix, AZ last week and it definitely made things more smooth. I wish I would have seen the links to get moving quotes earlier though because I already hired movers and I feel like I could have saved some money if I would have compared quotes. Oh well, I made it!