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Seduction Discotheque In Patong Beach, Nightclub For Phuket's Elite?

Updated on September 5, 2011
Seduction Disco
Seduction Disco

Seduction Discotheque
Seduction Discotheque opened in 2006, and they enjoyed immediate success in marketing themselves as an upscale, high end club for Phuket's elite. The people who considered themselves to be in Phuket's upper echelon flocked to Seduction as if they had something to prove. It was as if they felt they needed to be seen in the club in order to confirm their elite status. It did not take long for this concept to fall out of favour, today Seduction is struggling to stay open, and the image of an elite club is long gone.

The slogan on their website is "That is where the champagne bubbles sparkle and chic party people get together." This is an idea that is popular with a few shallow people that would like to consider themselves to be elite. Phuket is a holiday Island and most people on holidays just want to relax, and in many cases they want to escape the materialistic atmosphere that they see in their home city. When most people go on vacation, they just want to be themselves, let loose and enjoy some nightlife.

Seduction Discotheque is located on Bangla Road, the main street in Patong Beach. Bangla Road is a crowded noisy street full of beer bars, nightclubs and neon signs. The type of people you will see on Bangla road are mostly middle aged Brits with sleeved tattoos on each arm, football hooligans, Australian tourists wearing flip flops and singlets and prostitutes wearing high boots and short skirts. The idea of creating a high end nightclub for Phuket's elite on Bangla Road is something that most people would question.

Dress Code
Seduction is one of the only nightclubs in Patong Beach that has a dress code. Most nightclubs will allow tourists to enter wearing shorts and sandals and a singlet, because this is so common in this beach resort town. Seduction has become very unpopular with some Australian tourists that have been denied entry because they are wearing singlets or tank tops. Ironically their website shows photos of people wearing singlets partying in the club.



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    • profile image

      Sam 7 years ago

      I love to party at Seduction! Champagne and beatiful girls. I miss Thailand so much!

    • profile image

      Michael 7 years ago

      This place is a real dump! I would never go there, and they can shove their dress code up their AZZ!