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The Tiger Entertainment Complex, Beer Bars And Discotheque In Patong Beach, Phuket

Updated on April 8, 2011

Tiger Entertainment Complex

Owned and operated by The Tiger Group, Tiger Entertainment complex consists of a large area of beer bars on Bangla Road, with Patong's largest disco located above the beer bars. Tiger Group also owns Patong Boxing Stadium, which is the former location of the legendary Patong nightclub, The Shark Club. The Chang Club, Chang Residence, Tiger Inn and Bangkok Residence are also owned and operated by The Tiger Group. Over The past decade The Tiger Group has swallowed up a vast amount of Patong's prime real estate, however they have had limited success with most of their projects.

The Beer Bars
The Beer Bars below the Tiger Discotheque are full of Thai bar girls dressed in sexy outfits and high heeled boots, school girl uniforms and many other costumes. These bars are popular with tourists who are looking to experience the Patong nightlife on Bangla Road. Beer bars normally employ anywhere from half a dozen to dozens of bar girls to entertain customers. These girls may be anywhere from 18 years old up to 40 years old and sometimes older. The girls that work at the beer bars at The Tiger Entertainment Complex are normally hardened prostitutes that have been around the block more than a few times. When the beer bars close, those girls that have not found any customers will go upstairs to The Tiger Disco.

The Tiger Disco
The Tiger Disco on Bangla Road is the largest disco in Patong Beach. The Tiger Entertainment Complex opened in 2001, and despite the success of the beer bars below the Tiger Disco, the nightclub struggled in the first year of operation. It was not until The Shark Club closed in 2002, that Tiger Disco became popular with tourists. With the closing of The Shark Club, Tiger became one of the only places in town that could accommodate the large number of tourists looking to enjoy dancing and nightlife in a nightclub setting.

The success that they enjoyed immediately after the closure of The Shark Club did not last long. After a few months, The Tiger Disco fell out of favour with tourists and local Thais. Today The Tiger is one of the least popular of all of the nightclubs in Patong Beach. New clubs like Seduction, Hollywood and Rock City, have lured many tourists away from The Tiger. One of the problems faced by The Tiger Disco is that the club is so big, it tends to look empty until there are several hundred people inside. These days it is rare to ever see The Tiger full of people.

Security is a serious problem at Tiger Discotheque, the staff do not do an adequate job of screening customers. The club is popular with katoeys that are looking to slip drugs in customers drinks, and then later rob them. Katoeys are also well known for pick pocketing and petty theft. There are often fights and violence inside the nightclub, and it seems as if there is no security in place to stop this. In one case in 2007, a French tourist was killed, and the incident was then reported as an accident, with police claiming that he fell off his bar stool and hit his head. This is actually quite a common occurrence in Phuket, and Tiger Disco is one of the more likely places for something like this to happen.



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      Claudia 3 years ago

      Thank you so much pertaining to givnig my family an update on this theme on your website. Please know that if a completely new post appears or when any adjustments occur with the current article, I would want to consider reading a lot more and knowing how to make good utilization of those techniques you reveal. Thanks for your time and consideration of other people by making this website available.

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      Lissa 3 years ago

      What a plarusee to meet someone who thinks so clearly

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      john taksin 6 years ago

      the tiger is filled with polysterene props and decorations, an almost guaranteed fire trap, and very narroew fire exits....beware.