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Springtime In Wales Through Pictures

Updated on September 27, 2014

Springtime in Wales Through Pictures

Being a city dweller most of my life the seasons seemed to come and go without me being wholly aware of all the wonders around me. I also lived in Ontario where it can go from winter to summer within days missing out Spring altogether. It can be -20C one day and 20 above the next; it is woolly hats and heavy coats to shorts and tee-shirts!

There is a slow transition to Spring here in rural Wales. In our area, the grass remains green. In January and sometimes even in December, during a typical Mid-Wales winter, you will see the first signs of Spring with early snowdrops peaking through the soil.

That is not to say we don't get the odd cold winter, normally the winds blow from the west and carry warm air from the Atlantic but occasionally a high pressure will build from the east and cold continental air will flood in. This can bring cold and even snow to our locality but it is the exception not the rule. It rarely lasts long and rarely kills anything growing.

The pictures contained in this article were all taken by holly2

The First Harbinger Of Spring - Little White Heads Sometimes Buried In Snow

In Ontario the return of the robin is always the first sign of Spring but here in Wales the tiny little robin red breast stays around all year. He is also a trusting little bird who seems very happy around people especially those who may scatter some crumbs from a sandwich or a piece of cake. His favourite is the meal worm and seems to be able to spot or smell them immediately.

Snowdrops that start appearing in January, and in some cases, late December in protected areas, are now the first harbinger of Spring for me. They are sometimes covered by snow but their green shoots break through the surface and then you can see their little white heads drooping as if in prayer. Despite being a bulb they are quite hard to grow in the garden especially if planted alone, they seem to be sociable and grow better in clumps.

Little Lambs - Another Harbinger of Spring

It is always a pleasure to hear the faint little "baaaa" coming from the field adjacent to our house. The welcome sound usually starts in January on a fine day urging me to head over to the field to see the first lambs. They seem incredibly small and vulnerable at this very young age but within a week they are quite sturdy. The danger period is a cold snap after birth where they seem to lose interest in suckling but a warm blanket and a bottle can soon revive these sturdy beasts.

The first lambs are born in the valleys of gentle rolling hills with thick green grass while the sheep that you see feeding on impossibly high mountain tops give birth several months later. Most births take place with just the mother and lamb present. The farmer merely watches out for ewes in difficulty.

A Garden Of Colourful Crocuses - Or Should I Say Croci?

We came across these beautiful crocuses as we walked through one of the many gardens in Wales on a sunny February afternoon. Spring really can't be far away when you see their colourful little heads. There are few places on earth where you can get this show in February but Wales is one of them. They come out in abundance through February just as the snowdrops start to fade. And all this before most places have even lost their snow.


The Symbol Of Wales

Daffodils are seen everywhere in Wales In February and March. They are planted along roadsides and in gardens becoming more abundant as the years go by.They are gathered or displayed in little pots to decorate windowsills and tables on St. David's Day, March 1. In Welsh they are known as Cenin Bedr or Peter's leek, which pretty much sums them up I think.

Daffodils Stretching For Miles - Bobbing their heads in a dance of Spring

You can certainly see why the Lakeland poet, William Wordsworth was inspired to write poems as he came across a hill of daffodils in the spring.The daffodils pictured here line the road between Tywyn and Bryncrug in Mid-Wales delighting drivers and walkers alike.

You may have memorised the whole poem in your English classes at school. I know I did, but I have forgotten most of the poem now. However it is easy to Google 'I wandered lonely as a cloud' to find the poem on the internet.


Bluebells have always been a favourite woodland flower and much photographed. We love to wander through the woods at Ynysmaengwyn, an old estate near where we live, during the month of May to appreciate the beauty of this purple flower.

The Spanish bluebell is much more prevalent these days but both the English and the Spanish bluebell enhance the woodlands in Spring. They can be distinguished by the pollen which is cream for English and yellow for Spanish.

Do you think you are tempted to visit Wales next Spring

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Springtime Images in Wales

Camellias - Bright And Beautiful

Camellias with their bold showy flowers adorn many gardens in Wales. They brighten up even the dreariest day in Wales and sometimes seem out of place, belonging more to a sun-drenched tropical climate but they thrive as a Springtime flower in the U.K.

I have a red camellia in my back garden that is ready to burst into bloom by the end of March in time for Easter. Some camellias actually bloom in January in the right conditions. It had an off year in 2014 and there was only one flower !!!

Azaleas In Aberdyfi, Mid-Wales - Breathtaking!!

We visited Aberdyfi (Aberdovey) in early May and on the down the main road, before reaching Penhelig Park, we were blown away by this show of azalea bushes planted atop a slate wall. The colours are truly breathtaking. We plan to make a pilgrimage each May to see them.

Flowering Currant Bush - Genus 'Ribes'

A Flowering Currant Bush
A Flowering Currant Bush

We are very fortunate that our dear neighbour, Jean, has a particularly bushy Flowering Currant Bush that has migrated into our back garden. Its Springtime pink, drooped flowers are another sure sign of Spring. The flowering starts in early March or late February during a typical Winter/Early Spring. The currants that form are not edible and are meant for the hungry birds. Nevertheless the flowers are very pretty in the spring.

Forsythia: - A Flame Of Yellow

This bushy forsythia bush stands against our back garden fence. In late March, as if to herald the first day of Spring, it bursts forth in a blaze of yellow adding a ray of sunshine to a miserable, rainy day and we can get a lot of those here in Wales! Forsythias are prone to suckers, tall straight branches that grow vertically from the base, be sure to trim these as they will cause the yellow flowers to be reduced in number.

Everyone has a favourite Springtime flower that gives them that feeling that warm, sunny days are just around the corner. What is yours. I would love to know.

The part of Wales where we live

What Is Your Favourite Spring Flower?

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    • ComfortsOfHome profile image


      4 years ago

      Daffodils are my favourite - and of course I know the Wordsworth poem off by heart - but I hadn't realized the daffodil is the symbol of Wales!

    • victoriahaneveer profile image


      5 years ago

      The azeleas are lovely, and the daffodils.

    • victoriahaneveer profile image


      5 years ago

      The azeleas are lovely, and the daffodils.


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