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What's the best way to entertain yourself whilst stuck in traffic?

Updated on August 15, 2011

A Question

Indigital asks, "What's the best way to entertain yourself whilst stuck in traffic?". Here is the link if you want to follow the question. Lucky I stumbled upon this question, because I have some answers you may want to explore.

Is This A Parking Lot?

You already know the story. You are running late and the Traffic Gods decide to mess with you. This never seems to happen when you are ahead of schedule, but no one ever said the Gods we nice. You're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and they are laughing their asses off. Oh, the power of the Gods.

First thing you need to do is remain calm. This might be a few minutes or a few hours of delay. Either way you might as well make the best of this situation and have some fun.

Honk The Horn

If you are in a really bad mood, and want to make other awful too, then I suggest you honk your horn. Nothing gets people more upset the a horn honking when there is no place to go. You will have to be thick skinned. Profanity and insults will come flying your way.

If you don't think you could handle verbal, and possibly physical abuse, I have an alternate plan. Leave you car. Lock the door. Set off the alarm with your panic button and walk away. Car alarms are just as annoying as honking horns.

Use The Radio

Find a radio station that broadcasts in a foreign language. Try to find something other then Spanish. It's a common language and unsuitable for this. I've browsed the AM stations and found some annoying Haitian and Chinese stations.

Roll down every window and blast that station to your fellow traffic buddies. This is the reason I have ear plus in my glove compartment. I want to annoy, not be annoyed

I'm Watching You

Just sit back and observe those around you. Women will be doing their hair or make up. Men will be looking around with dazed looks on their faces. People will be franticly making phone calls. You might even want to try ad ease drop on a few.

Funny Faces

Find a child and engage in some activities. Try to get him or her to engage in exchanging funny faces. Enjoy a long starring contest. Just be careful not to be creepy about it. Last thing you need is a wild parent threatening you with bodily harm.


Why not ask others if they and to play games while they are waiting. Charades can be played anywhere. Paper and pen handy? Tic Tac Toe or hang man. If you're feeling energetic, a game of tag or hide and seek might work. I mean all those years you were told to go play in traffic, now you can and it won't hurt!

Nap Time

You could always take a nap. No reason to fear oversleeping. The person behind you will wake you when it's time to go.If not him then the cop that will ticket you for blocking traffic will wake you.

Surf The Web

With Smart Phones it's easy to stay occupied. Go to your favorite sites and do what you do. I'm sure your Facebook friends need to know your situation. Maybe you can even find someone to chat with. Seems ironic that in a crowd of people, you would use the internet to chat, but hey, it's you life.

Just Be Careful

Just be careful with what you choose to do and how long. What you find entertaining may not be the same with those around you. However, if annoying people is your entertainment, who cares what others think.

See you at the next traffic jam!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I shall take this next time I go on a long journey. Brilliant blog.

    • mrpooper profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks barbergirl28. Next time I'm stuck in traffic, I hope you are there too. We could make faces at each other or play a game of Boggle.

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 

      7 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      Ha ha - this is too funny. I especially like the part about playing games. See if you can get the person in the car next to you to play hangman... or better yet, put some of your favorite games in the trunk of your car just in case of an emergency. You could probably do a game of boggle while you sit, and the new version of the game has it entirely contained so you don't lose any of the alphabet dice.

      Love how you think outside the box!


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