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Summer Ideas

Updated on June 12, 2010

I always say there is nothing to do where i live, but when i think about it there are thousands!

Here are some fun summer ideas, for all you people who think you have nothing to do ;)

  • BEACH! haha you knew i would say that! But honestly where is a better place to spend than at the beach on a nice hot day. I just love the feeling and atmosphere, oh and we cannot forget the boys or girls whoever you are! I wrote a couple hubs on everything you need to know about beaches, I'll add a link somewhere!
  • POOL! Yea, you knew I was going to say this too, but hey its cool and refreshing, and you doesn't want to get their tan on!
  • Hiking! go on a hike, take some photos, take your dog, it could be romantic or casual, fun with friends.
  • Go get a Slurpee! ride your bikes or your car with your windows down spend a dollar or two and enjoy a nice refreshing treat outdoors.
  • Go on a bike ride! any where! it is nice and hot, go get yourself a breach cruiser and cruise around town.
  • Camping! I am a pro at this, tell me if you want a camping hub! Beach or mountains or in your backyard! campfire, smores, guitar, the night sky! who could ask for more?
  • Find some Frozen Yogurt! oh boy it is my favorite treat! Just go get some! All I can say and enjoy!
  • Water PARK! Yea, go to a water park! Sun and water and people :)
  • Movies! I did not want to say that, but I guess a nice, summer movie never hurt anyone!
  • Sand Volleyball! Go play volleyball on a sand court. Don't know how? Learn!
  • Paddle Boat at a Lake! Rent one, and go paddling boating with a friend!
  • LAKE! find one, go to one, they are just fun, if your are going in it or not, its all good.

haha yea! hope this helped!


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Refreshing suggestions. I love the slurpee tip :)