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Tent Camping

Updated on March 26, 2022

Tent Camping Tips and More

This lens is directed to the tent campers of the US and Canada. I have been a tent camper all of my life and have learned a lot during the last 34 years of my life. Tent camping is a great way for people to get out and experience nature, it is also a great way for families to get closer together. In this lens I will be sharing tips for camping and a few recipes for great camping meals. If you learn to do things in a certain way, tent camping can be the best experience in your families lives.

Get the Best Sleep when Tent Camping

When you are tent camping you tend to have a little more work than just going to the motel. You have to pick out a tent that is good for your family. Be able to put the tent up in a fair amount of time. You also have to consider making sure that everything in the tent stays dry, and the tent does not blow away. Here are a few tips for you:

-Purchase a tent that is large enough for everyone and a few personal things that everyone will want in the tent

-Consider having a small second tent to keep luggage, food, and other items stored in

-Place a good tarp under the tent and over the tent to prevent things from getting wet

-Pack extra sleeping bags in case something happens to one of the others, or it gets colder than you expected

-Purchase good tent stakes because the ones that come with tents usually do not work very well

-Close up the tent tight when you leave camp or go to sleep. Be sure to put the zippers to the top so that nothing can crawl in

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Cooking when Tent Camping

I love foods that are prepared when tent camping. It usually just has a much better flavor, and I enjoy it so much more that I do at home. It is harder to store food and cook when camping, but if you learn some of the tips it can make sure that you get through it with a little more ease.

-Make a list of items you will need and check them off as you pack

-Have three different coolers to store drinks, frozen foods, and other foods that you do not want mixed with everything else

-Be prepared for burn bans, have a cooking alternative like a Coleman stove

-Make sure to have tubs or pans to wash your dishes

-Use water boiled over the fire to make sure your dishes are cleaned

-If possible prepare foods ahead of time so that you can just place them on the fire when ready

-Kabob sticks work well for kabobs and roasting

-Pot holders are a necessity to prevent burns

-Keep burn cream close in case of an emergency

-Foil is your friend when camping. You can put almost anything in foil, place it near or even in the fire to cook

Coleman stove for Camping

Coleman Triton+ 2-Burner Propane Camping Stove with Push-Button Instant Ignition, Portable Camping Grill/Stove with Adjustable Burners, Wind Guards, and 22,000 Total BTUs of Power
Coleman Triton+ 2-Burner Propane Camping Stove with Push-Button Instant Ignition, Portable Camping Grill/Stove with Adjustable Burners, Wind Guards, and 22,000 Total BTUs of Power
I am a Coleman camper. Most everything I own for camping is Coleman, including the stove. I much prefer cooking on the fire, but the Coleman stove is great when you cannot have a fire.

Beware of the Animals

II love to look at the animals when camping, but there are quite a few animals that can destroy your campsite, eat your food, or hurt you. While tent camping you should always fallow a few rules that can help prevent animals from coming into your camp area.

-Store your food in a large plastic container

-Never leave trash out. Either throw it in a dumpster, or put it in your vehicle.

-Roll up windows in your car. Animals can usually get to where they want, so do not leave an open invitation

-Pick up all food and trash from around the campsite and out of the fire ring if there is one.

-If you are in bear country, do not put any food in the tent with you. If the food is in containers, you should still put the food in your vehicle or somewhere else that is available.

First Aid

Be prepared for everything, especially of you have kids. You can purchase first aid kits, but you will still need to add things. I have yet to find one that has everything a camper needs.

Here are just a few things that every camper needs for a first aid kit;

-Band-aids (all sizes)


-Anti Itch Cream

-Antibiotic ointment





-Allergy Relief

-Ace Bandages

-Ice Pack

-Burn Relief


These are just basic items, your family may need more things for your first aid kit.


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